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Use Cases

We connect online and offline identities to protect platforms and people in the digital world.

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Programmable communications


Send SMS messages

Utilize SMS/RCS to reliably deliver account verification one-time passcodes, alerts, reminders, and notifications to global end-users. Learn more

Host peer-to-peer communications

Connect your users, privately, with phone-number-masked SMS & voice communications. Learn more

Establish trusted identities

Create and validate reliable identity profiles from phone number, carrier, behavioral, and user data. Learn more
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Build two-way communications

Allow customers to respond to or initiate communications instantly by sending and receiving text-based alerts, reminders, notifications, and invites. Learn more
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Deliver appointment and event reminders

Provide a unique and engaging customer experience by sending global SMS/RCS and voice-based appointment and event reminders. Learn more
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Send customer engagement communications

Deliver timely, personalized information through global SMS/RCS and voice cloud communications. Learn more
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Know your customer

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers from actionable global phone number and subscriber data intelligence. Learn more
Minimize fraudulent transactions

Minimize fraudulent transactions

Utilize data intelligence and two-factor authentication to verify transactions and distinguish good users from bad. Learn more
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Add two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your multi-factor authentication methods with digital identity solutions. Since 2005, the largest companies in the world trust Telesign 2FA. Learn more
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Verify phone numbers

Connect each end-user with their valid mobile number and use it as a trust anchor for authentication and communication throughout the account lifecycle. Learn more

Enable secure account recovery

Streamline secure password resets and reduce help desk calls by sending a one-time passcode to the verified phone number on record via SMS or a voice-based call. Learn more

Prevent account takeover

Prevent end-user account compromise and unauthorized access with two-factor authentication and customer identity data. Learn more

Reduce fake accounts

Verify end-user identity and block spam at account registration using phone verification and intelligence-based fraud risk scoring. Learn more

Streamline account registration

Utilize phone intelligence to simplify the onboarding process for legitimate users while identifying and blocking risky users before they can do harm. Learn more
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