Phone ID

Mobile identity data for just about everyone

Mobile identity data for just about everyone

Tap into the world's largest, most comprehensive mobile identity dataset. With Phone ID you can verify user identities on a global scale, strengthen internal risk models, and optimize your messaging framework.

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Provide global data coverage
Strengthen account authentication
Improve customer experience
Provide global data coverage
Improve customer experience
Strengthen account authentication

Unlock the power of the phone number

Telesign puts the intelligence from more than 5 billion unique phone numbers, 2,200 digital identity signals, and a fraud consortium represented by some of the largest internet properties in the world right at your fingertips. We transform the humble phone number into a trust anchor that’s rooted in global reach, speed, and accuracy.

Increase messaging efficacy

Improve delivery rates, optimize databases, and reduce wasted messaging costs.

Minimize fraud and risk

Make smarter, more accurate risk-based decisions with real-time mobile insights.

Gain customer insights

Verify the identity of every customer who enters your ecosystem.

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Establish new user trust

Phone ID helps build a trusted user experience from the very start. Verify and assess the risk of every new user that interacts on your platform. Fast track sign-ups for verified humans while blocking fake users, bots, and fraudsters from accessing your platform.

Prevent account takeover attacks

Unlock critical ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number has been SIM-swapped or ported. Strengthen authentications to challenge and block suspicious behavior. Keep bad actors from taking over your customers’ accounts.

Verify user ages

Conduct due diligence without the friction. Instantly confirm if your users are of legal age. Prevent underage users from accessing adult products, content, and services, which protects your business and your customers.

Increase message delivery 

Build a smarter, more cost-effective messaging stack. Phone ID helps you increase delivery rates while eliminating erroneous messaging costs. With phone number validation, you can confirm phone type for intelligent, real-time channel routing. Automatically cleanse phone numbers based on international dialing rules.

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Routing optimization

Intelligently route calls and messages based on phone type to increase deliverability rates.

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Eliminate wasteful messages

Prevent messages from being sent to unreachable, fraudulent, or invalid phone numbers.

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Number and database cleansing

Ensure your customers’ phone numbers are accurate and properly formatted.

Minimize fraud and risk

Keep your customers and platform protected. Phone ID uses global mobile identity attributes to help you prevent identity theft, safeguard accounts, and navigate global compliance laws. Streamline user flows, strengthen internal risk models, and de-risk communication frameworks with Phone ID.

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Prevent identity theft

Digitally verify the identity of every new user that accesses your platform.

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Safeguard customer accounts

Unlock critical ATO risk signals and detect if an OTP is at risk of being intercepted.

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Navigate global compliance laws

Prevent costly fines and maintain global messaging compliance such as TCPA, HIPAA, and PSD2.

Gain customer insights

Get to know your customers by tapping into the powerful data that sits behind their phone numbers. Use Phone ID to access and confirm customer contact information. Enhance your risk models with phone and subscriber data attributes.

Streamline onboarding flows

Layer mobile identity data into onboarding flows to automatically collect or confirm contact information.

Strengthen internal risk engines

Plug mobile identity attributes into your internal risk models.

Tap into mobile identity datasets with a few lines of code

Our easy-to-use Phone ID APIs and in-depth documentation makes it quick and easy to layer mobile identify into your communication and fraud prevention workflows.

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End-to-end mobile identity

Reformat global phone numbers to meet country code dialing standards and improve deliverability instantly with Phone ID API. Receive subscriber characteristics including mobile device-type, telecom carrier name, and phone registration information in real-time. Need more even more data? We've got you covered.

Number lookup

Reduce failed call and message attempts by confirming the validity, reachability, and legitimacy of a phone number.

Delivery optimization

Maximize delivery speed and completion rates. Intelligently route calls based on phone type and automatically cleanse phone numbers for better delivery.

Identity proofing

Deploy frictionless, low-cost verification. Verify name, address, and more to streamline and support identity verification, KYC workflows, and prevent synthetic identity theft.

ATO protection

Unlock critical ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number has been SIM-swapped, ported-out or call-forwarded.

Risk profiling

Strengthen internal risk models with subscriber attributes, number deactivation status, porting history, and more to make smarter risk-based decisions.

Age verification

Prevent underage users from accessing adult products, content, and services, which protects your business and your customers.

Plug into the most comprehensive mobile identity dataset

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Prevent identity theft

Layer real-time digital identity and behavioral risk signals into new account and sign-up workflows. Use number deactivation, subscriber status, and more to confirm if the digital user matches to a person in the real world.

Strengthen KYC workflows

Start the KYC process with mobile identity insights. Frictionless and low-cost, verify new users’ name, address, and more to fast-track legitimate users while eliminating wasteful checks for high-risk users.

Maintain compliance and minimize fraud

According to the FCC, 35+ million US phone numbers are reassigned each year, making discarded numbers a significant fraud and compliance risk. Phone ID confirm subscriber status to protect your brand reputation and comply with TCPA regulations.


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