Phone ID

With Telesign’s Phone ID, you can unlock the real-time digital identity intelligence you need to detect fraud. In addition, Phone ID strengthens your authentications, evaluates risk, and builds a safer user experience without adding friction for your customers.

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Provide global data coverage
Strengthen account authentication
Improve customer experience

Digitally identify with confidence

Telesign puts the intelligence from more than 5 billion unique phone numbers, 2,200 digital identity signals, and a fraud consortium represented by some of the largest internet properties in the world right at your fingertips. We transform the humble phone number into a trust anchor that’s rooted in global reach, speed, and accuracy.

Real-time detection

Make smarter, more accurate risk decisions with real-time insights.

Easy integration

Enhance your internal fraud models with comprehensive insights and a single API.

Global identity coverage

Identity insights for billions, covering more than 230 countries and territories.

Establish new user trust

Phone ID helps build a trusted user experience from the very start. Verify and assess the risk of every new user that interacts on your platform. Fast track sign-ups for verified humans while blocking fake users, bots, and fraudsters from accessing your platform.

Prevent account takeover attacks

Unlock critical ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number has been SIM-swapped or ported. Strengthen authentications to challenge and block suspicious behavior. Keep bad actors from taking over your customers’ accounts.

Verify user ages

Conduct due diligence without the friction. Instantly confirm if your users are of legal age. Prevent underage users from accessing adult products, content, and services, which protects your business and your customers.

PhoneID in action

Reformat global phone numbers to meet country code dialing standards and improve deliverability instantly with PhoneID API. Receive subscriber characteristics including mobile device-type, telecom carrier name, and phone registration information in real-time. Need more even more data? We've got you covered.


Get the name and address associated with a number from carrier subscriber contact data.

SIM swap

Know if a SIM has been swapped and the likelihood of fraudulent SIM swap.

Number deactivation

Know when the number was deactivated based on carriers’ record.

Subscriber status

Find out whether the phone is prepaid, postpaid, who the primary account holder is, how long the status has been maintained, and more.

Porting history

Know if a number is ported, which carrier currently has the number, and the porting history for the last 90 days.

Age verify

Determine if a user is over the age of 18 years old.

Prevent identity theft

Layer real-time digital identity and behavioral risk signals into new account and sign-up workflows. Use number deactivation, subscriber status, and more to confirm if the digital user matches to a person in the real world.

Strengthen KYC workflows

Start the KYC process with mobile identity insights. Frictionless and low-cost, verify new users’ name, address, and more to fast-track legitimate users while eliminating wasteful checks for high-risk users.

Maintain compliance and minimize fraud

According to the FCC, 35+ million US phone numbers are reassigned each year, making discarded numbers a significant fraud and compliance risk. Phone ID confirm subscriber status to protect your brand reputation and comply with TCPA regulations.