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Telesign brings together the best and brightest minds collaborating on a global scale.

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Europe North America LATAM Asia
Barranquilla, Colombia Sep 28 - 29 | LATAM

LATAM Fintech Market 2023

Centro de Eventos Puerta de Oro - Booth: #8

Washington DC Oct 3 - 4 | North America

Identity Week

Washington Convention Center - Booth: #315

Las Vegas Oct 23 - 25 | North America

Money 20/20 USA 2023

The Venetian Resort, Booth: #5000

London Nov 13 - 14 | Europe

Future Identity Festival

The Brewery - Booth #24

Singapore Nov 15 - 17 | Asia

Singapore Fintech Festival

Singapore Expo Hall 4 - Booth #4A19


August 14

The dawn of systemic trust between brands and their mobile customers

“Trust, but verify” has been a primary tenant of most human engagement since the dawn of time. But as the world becomes more digital, this proverb has become a slippery slope. Today, we need to think in terms of “verify, then trust.” Organizations and their customers face ever-increasing threats of fraud and related cybersecurity issues.

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August 14

New tactics to combat identity fraud when onboarding clients (French)

According to, 56% of Europeans have experienced at least one type of fraud in the last two years. One-third of them became victims of identity theft, making it the second most-common type of fraud in Europe. 1Businesses are also under attack. According to PwC’s 2022 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 51% of organizations experienced fraud in the past two years—the highest level they’ve seen in 20 years.

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August 8

Strengthening your company’s brand through digital trust 

Today, business often takes place in the digital realm. With the shift to ecommerce and the need for fast digital identity verification, fraudsters have learned how to game the system and siphon money from unsuspecting companies.  One technique fraudsters use is toll fraud (or International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)). According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)’s 2019 Global Fraud Loss Survey, toll fraud costs businesses over $5B per year.  

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July 27

Combate el fraude de identidad durante el proceso de registro de tus clientes

Según, el 56% de los europeos ha experimentado al menos un tipo de fraude en los últimos dos años. Un tercio de ellos fueron víctimas de robo de identidad, lo que lo convierte en el segundo tipo de fraude más común en Europa. Las empresas también están bajo ataque. Según la Encuesta mundial sobre fraude y delitos económicos de 2022 de PwC, el 51 % de las organizaciones experimentaron fraude en los últimos dos años, el nivel más alto que han visto en 20 años.

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July 27

New ways to eliminate fraud across your user lifecycle with phone intelligence

The digital economy lets consumers register, make purchases, and update their accounts in minutes.  Unfortunately, this convenience invites fraud. How can you protect your customers from fraud without introducing friction when they interact with your brand?   We’ll examine the key stages in the customer journey where your business is vulnerable to risk and provide easy ways to dispel this risk without frustrating the customer. 

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July 25

Revolutionizing the essentials: Friction-minimizing approaches to overcome advanced account takeovers (ATO) 

In this on-demand webcast, you will see through the lens of two Telesign expert solution engineers who  dig deep into the vulnerabilities and dangers of AI-based fraud and account takeover (ATO) schemes. They discuss how low-friction telephony insights, combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods, create a simple yet powerful firewall against fraudsters, and how businesses are helping consumers stay vigilant and ahead of a constant stream of cyber risks. 

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July 25

Prevent account takeover fraud in seconds using phone intelligence

One area of concern is account takeover (ATO), a type of identity theft where fraudsters gain unauthorized access to an account to make withdrawals, steal sensitive data, access company accounts, and more.  According to the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report, ATO attacks are poised to overtake malware as the number one security concern. Although both individuals and companies are affected, businesses can be held liable when customers dispute fraudulent transactions. The best way to address this is to protect and educate your customers.  

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July 25

Is OTP inflation fraud your secret enemy? How to detect and stop this hidden risk

Today, business often takes place in the digital realm. With the shift to ecommerce and the need for fast digital identity verification, fraudsters have learned how to game the system and siphon money from unsuspecting companies.  One technique fraudsters use is toll fraud (or International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)). According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA)’s 2019 Global Fraud Loss Survey, toll fraud costs businesses over $5B per year.  

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June 28

Essential steps to prevent fraud and identity theft

In today's digital landscape, personal data faces an onslaught of attacks from cybercriminals armed with sophisticated AI tools and deepfake technology. To combat this rising tide, organizations must adopt a comprehensive, multi-layered fraud prevention approach. Join our VB Spotlight to discover how you can outsmart cybercriminals, understand the latest threats and capabilities, and learn proactive measures to secure your accounts effectively.

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May 16

Modern approaches to digital onboarding

In this webinar, Seth Gilpin, Director of Product Marketing at Telesign, elaborates on the results of a survey conducted by Gatepoint Research on behalf of Telesign. The survey collected insights from 200 enterprise product leaders about their experiences leveraging the digital world for customer acquisition, while managing the constant threat of fake users, bots and fraud.

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April 13

Top fraud trends: Combatting external threats with digital identity verification

The digital world presents unparalleled opportunity for customer acquisition and engagement to increase average customer value (ACV). However, evolving fraud trends threaten the delicate relationship between brands and customers.

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April 11

Managing fraud detection: What your consumers really want from their onboarding and brand experience

If a consumer has a pleasant experience on your site, it reflects positively on your brand. However, if they’re unsatisfied, whether at the initial signup or before they check-out, they may leave and look for alternatives. 

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March 30

Validate, Verify and Authenticate your Customer Identity

Fraud is a growing industry globally. According to research from Technology Research Institute, businesses are seeing more than 50% of their new user accounts with false or incorrect data and an increase in fraud losses over the past 12 months.

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March 22

Melhores Práticas para Proteger a sua Marca e a Identidade Digital dos seus Clientes 

Apesar da proliferação da adoção da autenticação multifator (MFA), um número recorde de invasões de contas (ATO) e senhas roubadas continuam a atormentar o mundo digital. A MFA não é mais algo bom de se ter — é uma necessidade mínima.

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February 15

Verificación de Identidad Digital para Prevenir el Fraude

Con el aumento de los casos de fraude de identidad digital en América Latina, es fundamental comprender las tácticas de fraude actuales y cómo detenerlas.

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January 12

What is IRSF? Stealth attacks lead to huge losses in APAC

Today, business often takes place in the digital realm. This shift to e-commerce has brought with it the need for fast, reliable digital identity verification.

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January 11

Stemming the rising tide of fraud with machine learning and AI

Today, successful fraud attempts outnumber those that are stopped.* This makes security and risk experts wonder, "How can we turn the tide?"

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December 22

Reducing fraud and friction in consumer experiences

As regulatory oversight to stop financial fraud rises, friction from identity and credit checks during customer onboarding is resulting in abandoned shopping carts. Consumers expect simple, fast, convenient onboarding.

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November 23

Safeguarding your brand and consumer trust with Account Integrity

Despite the proliferation of multi-factor authentication, account takeovers (ATO) and stolen passwords continue to plague the digital world.

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November 14

Meeting the security challenges in the identity space

Futurum's Daniel Newman sits down with Telesign's Joe Burton to discuss the exposure businesses face related to consumer data.

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October 7

Keep your customers safe across the lifecycle with Account Integrity

Fraudsters looking for account access vulnerabilities are a constant threat for businesses of all sizes. Keeping consumer accounts safe from scammers is more important than ever as scams grow more sophisticated.

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September 8

Onboarding: Seguro, Fácil y Confiable

Hoy es muy importante tener un proceso de Onboarding Seguro que permita vincular el mayor número de nuevos usuarios con mínima fricción y lo mas rápido possible.

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September 2

Onboarding: Seguro, simples e protegido

Mantenha os seus clientes seguros, felizes e sempre voltando. Hoje em dia, o direcionamento é integrar com segurança o maior número possível de novos clientes, o mais rápido possível, porém muitas vezes é difícil fazer ambas as coisas

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August 31

The state of fraud 2022: Enterprise prevention strategies

In today's digital economy, trust is the new currency. Consumers are more inclined to stick with and support businesses that have earned and maintain their trust.

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July 15

¿Qué nos dice un número de teléfono sobre la identidad digital de un posible cliente?

A medida que aumentan los casos de fraude de identidad digital en LATAM, es fundamental comprender las estrategias de fraude actuales y cómo contrarrestarlas. Mientras tanto, sus clientes exigen una experiencia impecable de su plataforma.

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June 22

Reduce risk, drive growth, and build trust

Trust is the currency of today's digital economy. Businesses that earn and keep that trust thrive. Those that don't struggle.

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June 8

Stop fraud from the start: Detecting and mitigating risks during onboarding

With the rise of digital identity fraud cases in Asia Pacific, it is critical to understand current fraud tactics and how to stop them. At the same time, your customers expect a smooth and seamless experience on your platform.

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March 23

Onboarding: Safe, simple, and secure

Keep your customers secure, happy, and coming back. Today, you are driven to securely onboard as many new customers as possible, as quickly as possible. But it is often difficult to do both.

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March 14

Customer onboarding: An industry-by-industry look at account creation fraud

The process of signing up a new customer has opposing objectives at play. On the one hand, you want to ensure the account sign-up process is quick and painless for legitimate users.

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February 23

Fraud and financial crime – 2022

In recent years, we’ve undergone a digital transformation, changing the way we access healthcare, banking, and other key aspects of our lives. But as technology continues to evolve and enhance our lives, fraudsters are taking advantage of our increased reliance on digital platforms for their own nefarious goals.

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