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SMS: Send SMS messages to personalize customer engagement

Utilize SMS/RCS to reliably deliver account verification one-time passcodes, alerts, reminders, and notifications to global end-users.

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98% of all SMS/RCS messages are read in under 5 minutes

Today, businesses must communicate with their customers in one of their preferred communication channels, their mobile phone. Send business-critical messages via SMS/RCS – alerts, reminders, notifications, and one-time passcode (OTP) verifications supporting the full customer lifecycle. SMS/RCS provides a differentiated and engaging customer experience by delivering timely and relevant SMS/RCS communications that get viewed instantly and keep the business top-of-mind. *Source: Adweek.

Use SMS Messaging to:

Send SMS/RCS alerts, reminders and notifications to your ppt-in user base

Protect account access by authenticating logins through SMS/RCS one-time passcodes

Send and receive two-way SMS/RCS messages to engage customers and provide support

Verify new users at account registration through phone-based SMS/RCS verification