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Account integrity that builds customer loyalty

From login to log-out, give your customers the protection they need and an experience they will trust.

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  • Real-time detection
  • Defend globally
  • Build trust

Your guide to

End-to-end account protection

  • Prevent account takeovers.
  • Protect customers and build trust.
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More trust and loyalty, less fraud and churn

From phishing and social engineering to stolen passwords and SIM swaps, your customers are under constant attack, and the trust you’ve built is at risk. Account theft and fraud pose threats to customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. Keep your customers safe with end-to-end account integrity.


Real-time detection

Make smarter, more accurate risk decisions with real-time insights.

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Global protection

Protect your customers and their data no matter where they’re located.


Trusted experience

Deliver a safe, seamless experience that strengthens customer trust and loyalty.

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Enable MFA for every login

Protect your customers and streamline MFA with flexible possession checks. Send secure, time-based OTPs across SMS, voice, WhatsApp, or Viber. Or verify silently behind the scenes to safeguard your customer accounts.

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Deploy safeguards against fraudulent activity

Assess the risk of every login. Unlock critical ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number has been SIM-swapped or ported. Flag and block suspicious behavior to keep your customers' accounts protected.

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Receive alerts anytime user risk levels change

Stay one step ahead of bad actors. Actively monitor billions of digital interactions, identity signals, and traffic patterns to detect changes to your customers' trust levels. Intelligently challenge when additional verification is warranted.


"Account security is not a luxury; it's a basic need. No matter where our players are in the world, we are committed to providing a safe gaming experience. Telesign is the ideal partner to accommodate Ubisoft' needs in this field."

Mathieu Martin, Development Director, Online Services

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How Ubisoft partners with Telesign to keep gamers safe

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We do the work to safeguard the trust you’ve built with your customers so you can focus on your business.


Protection in 230 countries & territories.

1B +

ATO attacks blocked in 2021.


ML insights and identity signals.

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99% of e-Commerce sites experience account takeover

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On-demand services

Trusted worldwide by the largest on-demand and ride share companies

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Media and entertainment

As Gaming and MMORPGs’ popularity increases, it’s become a target for attackers

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Fintech & Finance

4 out of the top 5 financial institutions are Telesign customers

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Enterprise Software

Build a multi-layer fraud prevention framework for your platform

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