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Frequently asked questions

Can I try Telesign’s products before paying for them?

Yes, you can try Telesign’s core products through a free trial account. Products that are available to test through free trial accounts are: SMS, SMS Verify, Verify Plus, Phone ID, Phone ID Contact, and Intelligence. Free trial accounts are best suited for developers and technical product managers who want to test our APIs, SDKs, and services.

How does the free trial work?

Trial users are given access to a unique API key and Customer ID, as well as complimentary test credits. These authentication credentials and testing credits can be used to try any of the products listed in the trial account.

There are two ways that trial users can test Telesign products:

  • With code: we provide code samples and SDKs in 7 different programming languages.
  • Without code: we provide browser-based API Explorers that allow users to test APIs without writing any code.

Sign up for your free trial account (no credit card required) or learn more about free trials.


How do I purchase a Sender ID (phone number) for sending SMS messages?

Telesign offers a wide range of localized Sender IDs (or phone numbers for businesses to send and receive SMS messages) to our customers, such as toll-free numbers (TFNs). Customers can purchase a Sender ID through their Telesign account, where they can submit a request specifying their expected SMS use cases and desired delivery regions. Based on this information, our team procures and registers a phone number that ensures brand recognition and exceptional delivery reliability.