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Secure communication for every engagement

Establish a reliable and secure customer communication channel to enable an optimized engagement campaign that works for you.

  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Global reach
  • Increase efficiency

Your guide to

Reliable omnichannel engagement

  • Connect with flexible communications. 
  • Engage securely, easily at all touchpoints. 

Engage with ease

Communication happens in real-time across multiple devices, channels, and geographies. Customers are more likely to make recommendations or purchases when they are engaged on their preferred channels and devices. With Telesign’s flexible, omnichannel solutions, you can build more impactful relationships with your customers.


Engage on every channel

Connect with your customers at every stage of the customer journey on their preferred communication channel.

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Reach billions worldwide

Interact with customers from anywhere around the world, at any moment. Expand your reach and grow your business faster than ever before.


Simplify implementation

Streamline your engagement workflows through a single API to cut costs and save time.


Stay connected at every stage of the customer journey

Keep customers informed on every channel, everywhere in the world. Send real-time, personalized alerts, reminders, and notifications on your customer’s preferred channels.


Reach your customers on channels they trust

Build flexible, interactive, and global experiences in your web and mobile applications. Facilitate conversations and personalized support to nurture customer relationships.


Ensure your phone numbers are clean and compliant

Deliver smarter, safer, and more effective communication. Automatically flag deactivated numbers, purge scammers, and verify ownership status before you hit send.

They trust you. You can trust us.


Exceptional coverage provided in 230+ countries and territories.


Unique phone numbers transit through Telesign monthly.


Fraud transactions stopped in a single year.

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99% of e-Commerce sites experience account takeover

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On-demand services

Trusted worldwide by the largest on-demand and ride share companies

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Media and entertainment

As Gaming and MMORPGs’ popularity increases, it’s become a target for attackers

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Fintech & Finance

4 out of the top 5 financial institutions are Telesign customers

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Enterprise Software

Build a multi-layer fraud prevention framework for your platform

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