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WhatsApp API that is trusted for messaging at scale

Start conversations that drive conversions. When you connect to the WhatsApp business platform, you can engage with your customer on a channel they trust. For every interaction across the customer journey, WhatsApp empowers you to build a trusted relationship with your customers.

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  • Increased brand awareness
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Trusted by billions

A better way to connect

In today’s omnichannel world, customer communication plays a crucial role in delivering a great experience. Customers expect speed, efficiency, and convenience, and when they can use their preferred communication channel, they’re more likely to recommend, buy more, or make a first-time purchase. For more than 2 billion consumers, that channel is ’s WhatsApp.

End-to-end encryption

Engage safely and securely. Every message is encrypted, and every sender is verified.

Trusted by billions

WhatsApp connects 2+ billion people across 160 countries and 60 languages.

Flexible communications

From alerts and reminders to customer conversations, easily program communication for every interaction.

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Deliver interactive reminders and alerts

Delight your customers with interactive messaging templates for order notifications, deliveries, appointment reminders, transaction notifications, travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts, and more.

Manage customer support

Streamline support and efficiently respond to customer-initiated queries. Give your customers an avenue for quick, seamless support and instant feedback. Facilitate two-way conversations with a few clicks.

Drive customer engagement

Get your customers to take action. Use in-app call-to-actions to strategically drive website traffic, product adoption, or support conversations. With the touch of a button, drive business objectives. Gif with interactive branded context appears

WhatsApp in action

With our developer friendly WhatsApp Business API, engaging with customers effortless. Get up and running quickly with clear documentation, developer tools, and any additional resources you need.

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Seamless engagement

Implement our WhatsApp Business API with ease. Promote quality engagement with your customer base and secure high customer satisfaction rates that leave your customers coming back for more.

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Trusted messages

Telesign ensures total security for our Messaging API with available phone number verification services and digital identity protection, so you can be sure that your messages to customers are secure and reliable.

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Personalized experiences

Use highly customized messaging templates best suited for your business to drive your brand and keep your customers happy and loyal.

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Premium interactions

Send and receive videos, voice memos, and important documents in a PDF format to enable rich, contextual conversations.

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Reliable communications

Safely send and receive messages with end-to-end encryption, keeping sensitive information and conversations secure.

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Compliance and onboarding support

Mitigate Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) risks and maintain worldwide content compliance with our regulatory and compliance assistance.

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Meta Business Partner

Telesign has been welcomed as a Badged WhatsApp Partner.

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Grow with confidence

As your business expands into new markets, keep the customer experience simple and secure, while managing local regulations with ease.

Verify your customers

Protect your customers and streamline MFA. Enhance your MFA workflow and deliver secure, time-based OTPs via WhatsApp.


Bring conversations to life

Put an end to static, text-only conversations. Use visual attachments to provide rich, contextual meaning. Add photos, videos, voice memos, and documents into your customer communication.