Establish trusted identities

Create and validate reliable identity profiles from phone number, carrier, behavioral, and user data.
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The rapid growth of mobile devices & services drives the need for trusted identity

Digital services have an essential and long-lasting job: identities must be created, verified, authenticated, and authorized. Real-time authentication is critical for delivering services with high-security requirements, and data is the fuel that digital enterprises now rely on to build these needed trusted identities. Insights derived from this data help minimize fraud and credit risks, improve acquisition and payment processes, better inform customer relations management by identifying incorrect or missing information, reduce support costs and aid with TCPA and AML compliance.

Utilize Telesign's worldwide direct & secured carrier connections to access:

Device Information
Subscriber status
Contact information
Number deactivation status

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"We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever-expanding global footprint. Telesign delivered the scale we were looking for."

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Chuck Mortimore
VP, Product Management, Identity, and Security

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