Drive meaningful engagement and connect with your customers on the most adopted and ubiquitous communication channel: SMS. With the Telesign’s SMS API, you can build global communications and account security messaging into your web and mobile applications, making​ interactions with your customers secure and effortless.

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Trusted SMS Delivery

With Telesign’s trusted SMS delivery solutions, you can engage with your customers anywhere in the world, at every touchpoint.

Happier customers

Deliver a better customer experience with robust communication across the customer journey.

Speed and reliability

Reach your customers with confidence through more than 700 direct-to-carrier routes.

Global reach and coverage

Reach and engage your customers in more than 230 countries across the globe.

Send alerts and reminders

Engage with your customers with instant SMS text messages about account updates, purchase notifications, and appointment reminders. Send important alerts to notify customers of potential unauthorized account access attempts and protect their accounts with MFA and time-based one-time passcodes (OTPs).

Manage real-time notifications

Make your real-time notifications personal and impactful, on your customers’ preferred channels. Keep your customers engaged and informed through triggering order updates and delivery status.

Facilitate two-way conversations

Engage your customers on their terms for true conversations. Personalize your support channels to build unique customer relationships using our secure, private, two-way communications to reach your customers quickly at any time.

SMS API in action

Integrating our developer-friendly global SMS API into your communications platform is simple and makes sending SMS text messages to your customers fast and easy. We offer clear documentation, user-friendly developer tools, comprehensive data reports, and white-glove customer service. 

High quality, direct-to-carrier routes

Telesign’s direct access to hundreds of carriers and waterfall approach across different routes ensures exceptional delivery and conversion rates.

Advanced phone number cleansing

Phone number cleansing can improve your message deliverability by more than 10%. Telesign helps you reduce operational costs by automatically formatting phone numbers based on message type and country of origin.

Interactive two-way communications

Strengthen customer relationships with two-way conversations. Reach your consumers anywhere around the globe with the help of our SMS API.

Waterfall failover system

Our SMS API delivers waterfall failover with dynamic routing to a secondary provider or channel in the event delivery fails. This way, your delivery and completion rates are never compromised.

Opt-out management

Receive SMS opt-out requests from customers and automatically register them in your system with Telesign SenderID to maintain compliance and deliver exceptional customer service.

Compliance and onboarding support

We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading customer support that helps you get up and running as quickly as possible and stays with you every step of the way.

Enable private communications

Guard personal phone numbers and protect identities by connecting with your customers anonymously via number masking.

Create local experiences

Purchase or lease phone numbers with geographically accurate area and country codes. Build customer trust by communicating with familiar, recognizable phone numbers.

Manage an engaging marketing campaign

Using custom-tailored SMS marketing campaigns, you can build engagement and drive adoption rates with new offers, order updates, and information on the latest product features.

"Telesign has been a fantastic partner - responsive, thoughtful, and forward-thinking. We look forward to deepening our partnership."

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