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Rich Communication Services is the evolution of mobile messaging, increasing and improving the ways in which people and businesses communicate.

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Provides brands with the opportunity to enrich user engagement with advanced features.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next step in the evolution of sending personalized messages for alerts, reminders, notifications, one time passcodes (OTPs) and other automated messages directly from websites or applications. RCS unlocks additional power through branding, pictures, gifs, video, chatbots and more while increasing customer conversion rates and engagement.


Increase Click-Through Rates

Brands have seen up to an 800%* lift of click through rates on alerts reminders and notifications through RCS correspondence. *Source: GSMA

Increase Engagement

Customers are 60% more likely to respond or interact with RCS messaging.

Capture An Emerging Market

90% of smartphone users will be using RCS by 2023, get on the forefront now.

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"Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application. The users that signed up for The Sims Mobile were more engaged, had stronger retention rates, and higher monetization rates. The technical implementation was straightforward and easy for our team and the business ROI was very strong."

Rob Bauman

EA Director, Partner Engagement & Operations

How RCS Works

Rich Media

RCS increases engagement with high resolution photos, gifs and video messages. It also solves MMS incompatibility once and for all.

Message Templates

Pre-define the campaign you want to run for simpler message requests.

Better Metrics

Accurately measure campaign efficacy through true delivery receipts and drive informed change to optimize customer communications.

High Quality, Direct-To-Carrier Routes

Connects directly to hundreds of carriers around the world and employs a waterfall approach across multiple routes to help ensure the highest delivery and conversion rates.

Trusted Messages

With branded messaging RCS include brand name, customizable colors and logos and a verified business checkmark.

Advanced Phone Number Cleansing

Properly formats phone number entered by end-user to ensure greater global delivery.

More Conversational

RCS includes suggested replies, suggested actions and the introduction of AI for a more engaging messaging experience. Drive customer satisfaction and reduce customer support cost via Chatbot interfaces.

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