RCS Messaging

Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging engages your customers with dynamic, conversational messaging. Standard for Android OS, Telesign’s extensive, enterprise-grade global network ensures fast and reliable delivery of rich media business messaging.

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Increase customer engagement
Create dynamic experiences
Increase click-through rates

Engage with Rich Branded Conversations

RCS business messaging unlocks additional branding power with options for pictures, gifs, videos, chatbots and other rich media options to grab audience attention and increase customer conversion rates and engagement.

Unmatched Global Coverage
Reach more customers with 120+ optimized points-of-presence and 700+ direct-to-carrier routes​.
Exceptional Reliability
Optimal performance with higher successful delivery rates than any leading competitor.
5-Star Customer Service
Premium customer support to strengthen communication, reduce costs, and ensure seamless customer interaction.

Level Up Your Messaging

Bring all the features and rich media your customers are used to in mobile messaging apps to a native messaging experience. Send images, videos, files, links and even suggested replies for a more engaging messaging experience.

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Create Dynamic Customer Experiences

Customers are 60% more likely to respond to or interact with RCS messaging. Create content-rich communications and messaging that catch the eye of your customers and delight them in the moment.

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Increase Click-Through Rates

Brands see up to an 800%* lift in click through rates on alerts, reminders, and notifications sent through RCS business messaging. Send your RCS business messages with a branded profile to build trust and improve engagement. *Source: GSM

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RCS in Action

TeleSign’s developer-friendly messaging API makes it easy to integrate RCS into your communications platform. Get up and running quickly with clear documentation, developer tools and comprehensive reporting.

When you're ready, expand your messaging to SMS and WhatsApp for more communication channels all from a single Messaging API.

High Quality, Direct-To-Carrier Routes
TeleSign’s direct access to hundreds of carriers and waterfall approach across different routes ensures exceptional delivery and conversion rates.
Advanced Phone Number Cleansing
Phone number cleansing can improve your message deliverability by more than 10%. Telesign's phone number cleansing optimizes your global messaging delivery and helps reduce operational costs by automatically formatting phone numbers based on message type and country of origin.
Message Templates
Start off strong with pre-made templates for a variety of business messaging, including notifications, alerts, updates, reminders, and more. Templates are easy-to-use, eye-catching, and flexible based on your specific needs.
Better Metrics
Track your engagement and conversion rate with accurate, informative data and develop strategies for a better customer experience. TeleSign’s messaging API includes easy-to-read metrics to measure your success.
Trusted Messages
TeleSign ensures total security for our Messaging API with available phone number verification services and digital identity protection, so you can be sure that your messages to customers are secure and reliable.
Conversational Messaging
Messaging customers on a platform they’re comfortable with lowers pressure and increases engagement. Reach out with rich media including gifs, videos, chatbots, and more to keep communications casual and conversational.

Cart Abandonment

Send abandoned cart reminders to make it easier for customers to complete purchases. Use engaging rich messaging with videos, gifs, or links to communicate offers and increase conversion rates.

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Customer Care and Support

Keep customers in the loop with real-time account information such as overdraw notices, transfer receipts, or application updates, and protect account access with onetime passcodes.

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Personalized Customer Engagement

RCS allows customers to order food and other services by making a selection from product images and guides them toward other suggestions with quick action buttons.

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