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RCS business messaging

Transform your customer connections

Enhance communication with RCS messaging. Share multimedia content seamlessly - images, videos, audio, PDFs. Enjoy advanced features like branding, GIFs, chatbots, and video integration. Engage customers in dynamic, conversational interactions beyond the ordinary.

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  • Interactive branded content
  • Enhanced messaging
  • Personalized conversations

Engage with rich branded conversations

Position your business at the forefront of tailored communication with RCS business messaging. Take advantage of personalized messaging for alerts, reminders, notifications, one-time passcodes (OTPs), and other automated messages, seamlessly delivered from your website or app. Enrich your brand identity by leveraging high-resolution images, GIFs, videos, and chatbots, strategically designed to elevate conversion rates and foster impactful two-way customer interactions.

Unmatched global coverage

Reach more customers with 120+ optimized points-of-presence and 700+ direct-to-carrier routes​.

Exceptional reliability

Optimal performance with higher successful delivery rates than any leading competitor.

5-star customer service

Premium customer support to strengthen communication, reduce costs, and ensure seamless customer interaction.

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Level up your messaging

Bring all the features and rich media your customers expect in mobile messaging to build an engaging experience. Send images, videos, files, and links to customers on a branded conversation background. Encourage engagement with suggested actions that open URLs, dial phone numbers, view locations, and generate replies. Elevate your messaging experience.

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Create dynamic customer experiences

Create compelling, content-rich communications that captivate your customers. According to recent data, 74% of consumers are more inclined to engage with a brand through RCS messaging, showcasing its significant impact on customer interaction.

Source: GSMA

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Increase click-through rates

Data indicates that RCS is rapidly evolving into a crucial tool for businesses to establish personalized connections with users. It reveals impressive click-through rates (CTR) reaching as high as 22.2% and a substantial 37% increase in conversion rates compared to traditional SMS across various industry campaigns. Strengthen trust and credibility by delivering RCS messages through a branded profile, reinforcing and solidifying your business presence.

Source: Telemedia

RCS in Action

Seamlessly integrate RCS into your communication platform with Telesign’s developer-friendly Messaging API. Clear documentation, user-friendly developer tools, comprehensive data reports, and top-notch customer service deliver a smooth and efficient experience.

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Premium direct-to-carrier routes

Leverage the Telesign's direct access to numerous providers and carriers, combined with a strategic waterfall approach across various routes. This robust combination ensures outstanding delivery and conversion rates for your communication needs.


Advanced phone number cleansing

Boost your message deliverability through advanced phone number cleansing. Telesign streamlines operations by automatically formatting phone numbers based on message type and country of origin, offering the possibility of reduced operational costs.

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Business message templates

Start strong with ready-to-use templates designed for a range of business messages, covering notifications, alerts, updates, reminders, and more. These templates are user-friendly, visually appealing, and adaptable to meet your specific needs.

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Enhanced metrics

Monitor your engagement and conversion rates with precise, insightful data, enabling the development of informed strategies for an improved customer experience. Telesign's Messaging API provides easily interpretable metrics to gauge your success.

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Secure messaging

Trust in Telesign's Messaging API, offering comprehensive security through phone number verification services and digital identity protection. Telesign’s Messaging API works to ensure your messages to customers are secure, trustworthy, and reliable.

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Conversational messaging

Connecting with customers on a familiar platform reduces pressure and enhances engagement. Utilize rich media, including gifs, videos, chatbots, and more to maintain casual and conversational communication.

RCS cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment

Combat cart abandonment by sending timely reminders, making it convenient for customers to finalize their purchases, guiding them back to their original checkout page. Employ compelling rich messaging with videos, gifs, or links to convey enticing offers and generate heightened interest.

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Personalized customer engagement

Transform mundane transactions into memorable experiences: Picture a customer receiving a personalized offer based on their preferences just as they enter your virtual storefront. A clothing brand could send an interactive catalog with tailored recommendations, showcasing the latest trends aligned with the customer’s style history. This dynamic and customized approach not only captivates attention but also fosters a sense of connection, turning each interaction into a delightful and unique experience.