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International Revenue Share Fraud

The buck stops here

Trillions of calls and messages are sent every year, do you know how many of yours are fraudulent? International revenue share fraud (IRSF) is an unknown attack vector that costs businesses billions.

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Businesses lose more than $8B every year to IRSF attacks.

IRSF is the most menacing type of communication fraud. Fraudsters unethically obtain a range of premium rate numbers and target companies that generate a high volume of calls and messages. Fraudsters deploy sophisticated attacks to inflate traffic across their number range while siphoning money from every interaction. An IRSF attack happens in minutes and costs businesses $50k per attack, on average.

IRSF methods:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) onboarding
  • Callback spam
  • SMS/Voice spam
  • Bots/Scripted attacks

Safeguard your business against IRSF attacks

Combat IRSF attacks by analyzing traffic patterns, phone number velocities, number ranges, and phone data attributes. Derive intelligence from historical data patterns and real-time insights, which continuously adapt to the always-evolving IRSF threat. With IRSF Intelligence, you can detect and block IRSF attacks before they happen.

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Unlock critical IRSF behaviors

Abnormal behavior across number ranges

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Unusual volume of calls or messages coming to or from risky countries

Unusual volume of calls or messages coming to or from premium rate numbers

Bot and machine-like activity

Number belongs to a high-risk carrier

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Number is a premium rate number