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Send customer engagement communications

Deliver timely, personalized information through global SMS/RCS and voice cloud communications.

Talk to sales

Communicate more effectively & provide a critical customer touchpoint

SMS/RCS and voice communications are essential to reach customers. 90% of SMS/RCS messages are read within three minutes, and when compared to email messages, 98% of SMS/RCS messages are read vs. email at 20% (Adweek). Communication via phone still offers considerable benefits in an increasingly impersonal world; 83% of US consumers prefer talking with someone on the phone to solve customer service issues (Accenture). SMS/RCS and voice functionality are must-haves for customer-facing websites and mobile app companies, 69% of businesses surveyed use cloud communications to connect and engage with their customers. (Data from TeleSign Consumer Communications Report, 2018)

Utilize Business-to-customer SMS/RCS & Voice Messaging To:

Notify customers of account changes and transactions

Send receipts and shipping status

Deliver promotions and coupons

Facilitate product activations