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Communicate more effectively & provide a critical customer touchpoint

SMS/RCS and voice communications are essential to reach customers. 90% of SMS/RCS messages are read within three minutes, and when compared to email messages, 98% of SMS/RCS messages are read vs. email at 20% (Adweek). Communication via phone still offers considerable benefits in an increasingly impersonal world; 83% of US consumers prefer talking with someone on the phone to solve customer service issues (Accenture). SMS/RCS and voice functionality are must-haves for customer-facing websites and mobile app companies, 69% of businesses surveyed use cloud communications to connect and engage with their customers. (Data from TeleSign Consumer Communications Report, 2018)

Utilize Business-to-customer SMS/RCS & Voice Messaging To:

Notify Customers of Account Changes and Transactions

Send Receipts and Shipping Status

Deliver Promotions and Coupons

Facilitate Product Activations

"Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application. The users that signed up for The Sims Mobile were more engaged, had stronger retention rates, and higher monetization rates. The technical implementation was straightforward and easy for our team and the business ROI was very strong."

Rob Bauman

EA Director, Partner Engagement & Operations

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