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Viber API for Business Messaging Platform

Create a simple yet powerful customer experience with Viber for Business. Expand and scale your reach by tapping into the millions of users within their preferred communication channels.

Talk to sales
  • Stronger brand engagement
  • Secure messaging
  • Better connections

Build meaningful relationships in real-time

Connecting more than 1+ billion people across 190 countries and 40 languages, Viber is one of the world’s largest and most trusted messaging apps. With native integration into our Messaging API, more trusted customer communication is only one message and a few clicks–away.

Better brand engagement

Spotlight your products and services with branded content, such as emojis, photos, videos, and gifs.

Private conversations

Maintain privacy and engage in safe, secure interactions with your customers.

Stay connected

Deploy and manage your marketing campaigns with Viber for Business to cultivate meaningful customer relationships through personalized messages, promotional offers, and timely updates.

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Personalized conversations

From first to lasting impressions, ensure every interaction is a memorable one. With rich media messaging options such images, files, stickers, and CTA buttons - and smart personalization compatibilities, more authentic customer relationships are only one message away.

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Safe and secure interactions

Provide confidence in your business interactions with Viber for Business. With unique verification workflows in place, your customers will never have to worry about phishing or spam attacks.

Nurture customer relationships

Optimize your communications for every stage of the customer journey. From pre-sale promotions to customer support connections - we've got you covered. Custom-tailor your messages to make each interaction an exceptional one and build a trusted relationship with your customers.

Viber API in action

Our developer-friendly Viber for Business API makes going from sign-up to sending messages seamless. With Viber API, you can deliver interactive content, live updates, and engage in real-time two-way conversations with your customers. We offer clear documentation, user-friendly developer tools, comprehensive data reports, and white-glove customer service.

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Diversify engagements

Send and receive videos, images, files, documents, locations and even contact information for an engaging experience.

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Trusted messages

Telesign ensures total security for our Messaging API with available phone number verification services and digital identity protection, so you can be sure that your messages to customers are secure and reliable.

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Maximize your reach

Aside from the billions of users on Viber, integrate personalized messaging catered to your business needs and fast track your way to higher ROIs.

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Meaningful conversations

Orchestrate impactful conversations that have your customers coming back for more. Enhance conversations through branded content that drives brand loyalty and overall customer satisfaction.

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Secure communications

Send and receive messages with end-to-end encryption keeping sensitive information and conversations private.

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Compliance and onboarding support

Mitigate Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) risks and maintain worldwide content compliance with our regulatory and compliance assistance.

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Strengthen engagement campaigns

Use message templates to raise the bar on your opt-customer interactions with personalized alerts, reminders, and notifications. Send transaction confirmations, shipping updates, appointment reminders, account updates, and more easily and securely.

Expand global reach

With more than 1.1 billion active users across more than 190 countries, Viber for Business helps you build and maintain customer relationships on a channel they trust.

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Richer experiences

Elevate your customer conversations with Viber for Business. Whether your interactions are promotional, transactional, or conversational, Viber's got you covered. Integrate rich media messaging into your notifications and conversations to get the most out of your customer engagements.