Viber for Business API

Deliver rich, personalized experiences, guarantee the delivery of important alerts, reminders, and notifications, and offer conversational communication with Viber for Business.

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Rich, personalized experiences
Trusted, secure communication
Flexible, scalable conversations

Reach and engage your customers on the channel they trust

Connecting more than 1.1 billion people across 190 countries and 40 languages, Viber is one of the world’s largest and most trusted messaging apps. With native integration into our Messaging API, more trusted customer communication is one message – and a few clicks – away.

One Multichannel API
Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, & RCS all in one easy-to-implement API.
Identity Integration
Tap into mobile identity data to better protect your customers and platform.
5-Star Customer Service
Premium customer support to strengthen communication, reduce costs, and ensure seamless customer interaction.

Deliver rich, personalized experiences

From first to lasting impressions, ensure every interaction is memorable. With rich media messaging options – like images, files, stickers, and CTA buttons – and smart personalization compatibilities, more authentic customer relationships are one message away.

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Engage securely and safely

Give your customer peace of mind that your messages are the real deal. With a verified Blue Tick your customers will never worry about phishing or spam attacks. End-to-end encryption keeps your messages private, and GDPR compliance eliminates all risks.

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Flexible, scalable conversations

Clear lines of communication for every stage of the customer journey. From pre-sale promotions and transaction confirmations to customer support connections – every type of interaction is covered.

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Viber API in Action

Our developer-friendly Viber for Business API makes sending messages to your customers fast and easy. Get up and running quickly with clear documentation, developer tools, and comprehensive reporting.When you're ready for expanded reach and a holistic customer experience, our integrated Messaging API makes it easy to send SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp along side your Viber messages.

Engaging Experiences
Send and receive videos, images, files, documents, locations and even contact information for an engaging experience.
Trusted Messages
TeleSign ensures total security for our Messaging API with available phone number verification services and digital identity protection, so you can be sure that your messages to customers are secure and reliable.
Better Metrics
Track your engagement and conversion rate with accurate, informative data and develop strategies for a better customer experience. TeleSign’s messaging API includes easy-to-read metrics to measure your success.
More Conversational
Messaging customers on a platform that they’re comfortable with means pressure goes down and engagement goes up. Ensure your customer service communications casual and conversational.
Compliance & Onboarding Support
We provide premium customer support to help you get up and running with our SMS API and ensure that your TeleSign experience is smooth and successful.
Secure Communications
Safe send and receive messages with end-to-end encryption keeping sensitive information and conversations safe.

Keep customers informed

Use message templates to create personalized alerts, reminders, and notifications for your opt-in customers. Send transaction confirmations, shipping updates, appointment reminders, account updates, and more.

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Build global relationships

With more than 1.1 billion active users spread across more than 190 countries, securely and efficiently reach and engage your customers. Build and maintain customer relationships on the channel they trust.

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Easy, efficient implantation

Multichannel messaging? No problem. Save developer resources and achieve scalable growth with a single API. Deploy with flexibility and plug into the communication channels you need – SMS, RCS, Viber, and WhatsApp.

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