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Silent Verification

Silent verification for a smooth customer experience

Fast, frictionless, and secure. Silent Verification works by instantly matching the user’s phone number with MSISDN matching to verify the user is in possession of the device.

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  • Faster verification
  • Frictionless experience
  • Enhanced protection

Establish trust, behind the scenes

Create the perfect balance between security and simplicity. Silent Verification delivers a premium verification process that requires zero interaction from the end-user.

Faster verification

Reduce latency and eliminate delayed and undelivered OTPs with instant verification.


Frictionless experience

Verify new users without making them jump through hoops.

Premium protection

Eliminate OTPs and knowledge-based questions to ensure there’s nothing for bad actors to steal.

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Drive customer conversions

Verify new users with ease. Eliminate time-intensive authentications, undelivered OTPs, and end-user friction. Simplify and secure your onboarding workflow without any user interaction.

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Safeguard customer accounts

From login to logout, adopt a proactive, multilayered approach to detect suspicious behavior such as SIM swaps, porting history, and password resets to unlock proactive fraud prevention signals and protect your customer accounts.

Minimize fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

Fraudulent transactions cause revenue, inventory, investment, and reputation loss. Keep your business and customers safe by instantly verifying suspicious purchases and high-value transactions to ensure they're legitimate.