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Silent Verification

Fast frictionless, and secure

 The perfect balance of security and simplicity, Silent Verification delivers a safer, more seamless customer experience on a global scale.

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  • Fast, frictionless verification
  • Enhanced protection
  • Expanded global coverage
  • SMS fallback

Establish trust, behind the scenes

Silent Verification instantly matches the user’s phone number with Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) to verify the user is in possession of the device. Silent Verification delivers a premium verification process that requires zero interaction from the end-user. 

Fast, frictionless verification

Instantly verify users without OTPs and reduce latency by removing user inputs from your verification workflow.

Enhanced protection

Eliminate OTPs and knowledge-based questions to ensure there's nothing for bad actors to steal.

Expanded global coverage

Simplify verification globally without compromising user experience.

Native SMS fallback

If Silent Verification is unavailable, automatically fallback to SMS OTP.

Clients who use this product
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PhoneID Increase conversions

Drive customer conversions

Verify new users with ease. Eliminate time-intensive authentications, undelivered OTPs, and end-user friction. Simplify and secure your onboarding workflow without any user interaction. 

Safeguard customer accounts

All the security without friction. Keep your customers and their accounts protected from account takeover (ATO) attacks. Instantly deploy device possession verification to simplify your multi-factor authentication (MFA) workflow without compromising security.  

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Minimize fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

Fraudulent transactions cause losses in revenue, inventory, investments, and reputation. Keep your business and customers safe by instantly verifying suspicious purchases and high-value transactions to ensure they're legitimate.