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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers from actionable global phone number and subscriber data intelligence.
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Consent-driven data improves customer experience & prevents fraud

It's more important than ever for online businesses to truly understand their customers on a deeper level to meet their evolving expectations and achieve compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Are they who they say they are? How do they behave? Are they risky? Are they valuable? Where are they located? Through what channel are they reachable? These questions can be answered without additional steps or friction on users. Know Your Customer (KYC) by tapping into real-time behavioral, phone, and user analytics.

Utilize Global Phone Number & Subscriber Data Intelligence To:

Strengthen Authentications
Improve Accuracy of Form Fill Information
Establish and Maintain AML Compliance
Evaluate and Assess Fraud Risks Instantly
Prevent Potential Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance Issues
Enhance the user experience

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“The number of abuse reports from Skype Number owners and the amount of abuse reports dropped since we started to use Score.”

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Anton Volkov
Program Manager

Telesign helps Skype screen robocalls

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