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Great Place to Work Certified 2023

2022 Best Places to Work Los Angeles

2023 Best Places to Work Los Angeles

Great Place to Work Certified 2023

2022 Best Places to Work Los Angeles

2023 Best Places to Work Los Angeles

Interviewing at Telesign

Our hiring process varies by role, but primarily involves your online application and virtual interviews. We rely on behavior-based interviews to understand how you navigate work scenarios, solve problems, and align with Telesign’s values.

The stages shown are typically the ones used, but may vary from role to role.

FIRST STAGE|30 minutes

Recruiter screen

This interview aims to get to know you better, understand your expectations, and assess how your experience matches the role's responsibilities and requirements. We'll discuss the interview process, what to expect next, and we encourage your questions—we value curiosity!

SECOND STAGE|45-60 minutes

Hiring manager screen

Expect questions about previous positions, what gets you excited, and what you’re looking for in your next role. Share your standout achievements in projects or work experiences—our hiring managers are eager to hear about your successes and how you've evolved professionally.

THIRD STAGE|30-45 minutes

Virtual interviews

Conducted via Zoom with 3-4 cross-functional team members, this stage blends behavioral questions and technical assessments. It's not about memorization or tricky puzzles—we're focused on understanding your problem-solving approach and your ability to learn from mistakes. Be yourself, showcase your skills, and feel free to ask about what life at Telesign is like. It's your chance to shine!

FOURTH STAGE|30 minutes

Executive review

This is the final phase of the interview process, based on the role's seniority level. It may not apply to all positions. You should expect more behavioral and scenario-based questions. Relax and stay true to yourself—you've already conquered the toughest part of the process.



Expect to hear back from your recruiter within 2-3 days after your interviews. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions. We value your feedback, regardless of the outcome, as we strive to continuously improve our interview process.

People @Telesign


My favorite aspect of the culture at Telesign is the excellence and professionalism of my colleagues. It’s awesome to see how people focus on meeting our customer requirements as well as building a reputation as a trust leader in the industry. Being part of this standard-setting company is a gratifying challenge to face."

Daniel Cubides Cespedes, Engineering Manager, Colombia.


Catch a glimpse of Life@Telesign

  • Inclusive
  • Authentic culture
  • Global team
  • Team spirit
  • Growth opportunity
  • Innovative
  • Impactful
  • Digital world

Telesign may be your next growth opportunity

Telesign team

Summer internship

Summer internship advantages:

  • Uniquely tailored learning and growth program
  • Real-world resume-building experience
  • Meaningful work that impacts the business

At Telesign we are continuously scouting for talent that can champion our customer-centric mission and values.

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We recently have become aware of individuals, unaffiliated with Telesign Corporation, who have been sending out fake employment offers using a name similar to ours, in an apparent attempt to defraud would-be job candidates. In a recent example, a scam email was sent from the domain. All emails sent on behalf of Telesign will come from email addresses ending in

Please be advised that Telesign Corporation does not solicit candidates for employment via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging platforms – nor do we require or ask for fees or payments during any phase of the recruitment or hiring process. If any person solicits financial information, fees, or payments from you as part of the “recruitment process” or as part of a purported employment offer, you should assume that the communication is not from Telesign Corporation and is not sanctioned or approved by our Company.

If you have received one these offers or believe you have been the victim of fraudulent activity via the internet, we would appreciate you filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at the link below:

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)