Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial – We believe in trusting and empowering our employees to make decisions that benefit both them as an individual and TeleSign as a whole. TeleSign is the sum of all of our incredibly talented minds and by granting a sense of autonomy we ensure that we are always pushing innovation.

Customer-centric – Every action we take puts our clients front of mind. In doing so, we ensure the best customer service and world class support which our stakeholders have come to love.

– TeleSign rewards collaboration and ingenuity. We believe that we can always depend on each other and we are stronger when we tackle challenges together than apart.

Meet the Team


Klodiana Hagen

“There are many things to appreciate about being at TeleSign, from being able to rest your eyes on the beautiful Marina, to the endless supply of good coffee. However, my favorite part of TeleSign is working and learning alongside a tight-knit engineering team who strives to deliver quality APIs to our customers yet knows how to take time to relax with a happy hour after a long sprint.”

Klodiana Hagen

Senior software engineer

Nemanja Nikolic

“My favorite part about working at TeleSign is the people! I have the chance to work with young, highly- skilled individuals and do great things together. TeleSign is not only a great place for all young professionals starting out in their careers, it is also providing the chance for industry leaders to take part in a fast-growing company. If you want to leave your mark out there, TeleSign is the right place for it!”

Nemanja Nikolic



Benefits and Perks

entrepreneurial environment

Entrepreneurial Working Environment

TeleSign has an open PTO policy and promotes remote work. Whatever steps you need to take to be at your most productive we support it. If that includes working from home to balance your busy lives or taking a trip to the mountains after completing a big project, we trust you to set  your schedule with the support of your manager and team.

virtual team connected

A Virtual Team, Connected

While our office space features arcade machines, pool table and lots of TVs, we regularly schedule virtual happy hours, themed lunches and games that TeleSign employees can enjoy from the comfort of their remote office. Even when we can’t physically be together, we like to keep our employees engaged.

rewarding ingenuity

Rewarding Ingenuity

Do you have the next great idea? Our Patent Reward Program was developed to show appreciation for those who make valuable contributions to our business. Contributors may receive gift cards or even greater awards for filing and issuing patents.

health and wellness

Health & Wellness

We offer state of the art health, dental and vision coverage. Along with this we offer fitness stipends allowing our team members to choose the gym or remote classes that work for them.