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Beyond digital identification: Protecting your users, brand, and platform from fraud

In this eBook we’ll cover:

  • The costly impact of fraud for the financial services industry.
  • How digital identity verification can enhance existing platform security, including legacy systems.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) and the role it plays in protecting against fraud.
  • Where mobile phone number insights can be leveraged for enhanced digital identity verification at key touchpoints.

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Build a secure, compliant digital experience

Onboard with mobile identity data to save your eKYC program time and money. Detect suspicious activity before potential fraudsters go deep into your identity verification workflow.

Learn more about minimizing onboarding risk

Flag fraud early

Enhance onboarding security with carrier subscriber data to detect fraudulent account creation quickly.

Streamline sign-ups

Make it easy for customers to get started with less friction for improved completion rates.

Cut eKYC costs

Identify fake accounts before undertaking more expensive biometric, document, and other identity verification measures.

Safeguard reputation

Maintain your trusted reputation online with proactive security measures that keep accounts safe and your ecosystem protected.

Keep customer accounts and investments safe

Detect suspicious behavior like SIM swaps, porting history, and call forwarding to protect customer accounts and verify identity with flexible possession checks.

Learn more about account takeover protection

Verify behind the scenes

Avoid fraud involving one-time-passcodes (OTP) by authenticating customers with mobile subscriber data and no user interaction.

Confirm account changes

Require verification before allowing account updates to prevent fraud with end-to-end account security.

Challenge risky behavior

Verify account information with flexible possession checks when unusual account activity occurs.

Future-proof verification

Authenticate customers across SMS, Silent Verification, Push, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, and RCS with automatic fallbacks.

Stop social engineering

Keep your customers and brand safe from social engineering fraud and stop unauthorized access with customer identity data and dynamic risk signals.

Customize engagement with customers

Prioritize security and accuracy in customer communications. Send verification codes, transaction confirmations, account notifications, and business updates on your customers’ preferred channels.

Learn more about customer engagement

Ensure data accuracy

Keep up your contact databases with phone number contact, number type, activation status, and more to increase deliverability.

Message securely

Send personalized bill reminders, balance alerts, and other confidential notifications to verified customer contact data.

Personalize your options

Send messages to customers where they prefer to communicate across SMS, RCS, MMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and email.

Scale easily

Maximize your messaging strategy options with a developer-friendly API that enables market and channel expansion.


of consumers

do not actively protect themselves against cybercrime.


of consumers reported that they were victims of fraud
in the last three years.


of victims reported financial losses.


of consumers agree that businesses bear the
responsibility for protecting their digital privacy.


of digital fraud victims are between the ages of 25-44.

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