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Telesign for Fintech and financial services

A great customer experience is everything

Trust is your greatest asset and is essential for attracting and retaining customers at every stage of their journey.

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Illustration Identity verification

Onboarding workflows

Minimize risk and streamline new account sign-ups

New accounts are the riskiest. Layer real-time digital identity and behavioral risk signals into new account and sign-up workflows. Detect fake accounts and prevent synthetic identities from causing harm. And kickstart your KYC process with mobile identity insights. Frictionless and low-cost, fast-track legitimate users while eliminating wasteful checks for high-risk users.   

Score Streamline Customer Experience

Account integrity

Keep your customers, their accounts, and investments secure 

Protect your customers MFA with flexible possession checks. Send secure OTPs across SMS, voice, WhatsApp or Viber. Unlock critical ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number has been SIM-swapped, ported, or call forwarded. Flag and block suspicious behavior to keep your customers and their accounts safe. 

secure communication messaging

Omnichannel experiences

Secure communication for every engagement

Send personalized bill reminders, payment confirmations, and balance alerts. Keep your customers informed across every channel, anywhere in the world. Build flexible, interactive, and global experiences into your web and mobile applications. Facilitate conversations and deliver the personalized care that build long-lasting relationships. 

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