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Telesign solutions keep your customers safe, happy, and coming back. We uniquely combine digital identity with secure global communication capabilities to help you build and maintain Continuous Trust with your customers.

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Digital identity


Deliver reputation scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium. Learn more
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Phone ID

Provides detailed and actionable global phone number and subscriber intelligence that strengthens authentications, evaluates fraud risks, and enhances the user experience. Learn more


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Omnichannel Messaging

Send and receive SMS, RCS, Viber, and WhatsApp messages from your web or mobile application. Learn more
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Phone Numbers

Receive instant access to verified, high-quality phone numbers in over 110 countries to support all your communication needs. Learn more
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Enables platforms to build communications and account security SMS messaging into web and mobile applications. Learn more

Number Masking

Create and manage private conversation sessions between two parties to enable time-sensitive secure communications. Learn more

WhatsApp API

Send and receive messages from your WhatsApp Business account. Learn more
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Onboard new users securely and prevent fraudulent account access with multifactor authentication (MFA). Learn more
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Deliver rich, personalized experiences and guarantee the delivery of important alerts, reminders, and notifications via Viber for Business. Learn more
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SMS Verify

Verify new users and prevent fraudulent account access with MFA via SMS and voice one-time passcodes (OTPs). Learn more


Build enriched mobile messaging to drive customer engagement. Learn more
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Silent Verification

Deploy a premium verification process that requires zero interaction from your customer. Learn more


Build application-to-person, person-to-application, and person-to-person voice calling into web and mobile applications. Learn more
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Verify Plus

Verify your customers with an added layer of protection. Conduct risk-based assessments to detect fraudulent threats before sending a time-based, one-time passcode (OTP) over SMS. Learn more