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Telesign for telcos, carriers, and aggregators

Create the future of digital identity solutions

Telesign partners with telcos, carriers, and aggregators to solve broad industry-wide digital identity challenges, fight fraud with Intelligence, our machine learning behavioral risk assessment solution enabling partners to create new revenue streams.

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Why partner with Telesign?

As a part of telecom, carrier or aggregator ecosystems, partners generate the relevant data for risk and trust signals every day and are eager to build data-driven Digital Identity solutions themselves. However, many face challenges when they try to offer solutions themselves, including:

  • Lack of visibility and traction in the market
  • Low margin and revenue generation that impact sustainability
  • Lack of know-how or resources to enter in this high growth domain on their own

Leverage each others strengths, build digital solutions the market needs, and create new revenue streams

Partnership benefits

Enhance your digital identity portfolio with Telesign
Build a partnership
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Create value

Exploit the industry-wide need for number-centric digital identity solutions
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Accelerate go to market 10X

Achieve turnkey deployment with Telesign’s global coverage, regulatory compliance, and 15+ years model maturity
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Achieve a flexible business model

Leverage a revenue-sharing business model and different G2M approaches to grow together
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Unlock new revenue streams

Rely on forward-looking fraud prevention solutions to upsell and acquire new customers
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Be industry-agnostic

Solutions for eCommerce, Fintech & Finance, Gaming, and Enterprise
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Create market differentiation

Create a stronger position on trust and safety
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Carve out your brand

Brand Intelligence based on a custom model or enriched and enhanced data, just beyond your partner universe

Path to partner

White label Intelligence

Wrap your own brand around Telesign Intelligence and leverage sales, channels, and customer relationships, while helping with your customers solve their fraud challenges.

Dual brand sales

Both partner and Telesign leverage their existing business relationships to sell Intelligence solution, while ensuring there is no overlap. The underlying Intelligence product sold is the same for both companies.

Product partnership

Create a best-in-class product to address customers’ anti-fraud needs and let Telesign’s recognized brand for sales, marketing, and customer success develop the market.

White label Intelligence Dual brand sales Product partnership
Product Partnerships White label diagram
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Legal and privacy compliance

Telesign integrates data protection into its systems, products, processes, and organization. This multi-layer approach includes legal, privacy, and security compliance such as data-residency, dedicated data center infrastructure, PII data hashing, encryption, data minimization, and retention conditions enforced through contractual compliance with local laws and regulations (i.e., GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, etc.).

Become part of an exclusive alliance of leading innovators, while expanding your core data business