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Allow customers to respond to or initiate communications instantly by sending and receiving text-based alerts, reminders, notifications, and invites

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Two-Way SMS messaging serves as an effective touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle and provides an optimal "human-touch" user experience. 78% of consumers surveyed are open to receiving texts from businesses, and 64% want to use two-way SMS for customer service. Create a conversation with an open line of communication with customers. Send timely information and get responses instantly. Start engaging and communicating more effectively to establish loyal, connected relationships with customers. (Data from TeleSign Consumer Communications Report, 2018)

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Utilize Business-to-Customer Two-way SMS Messaging To:


Provide Real-Time Customer Service and Support


Facilitate Product Activations


Utilize Surveys and Polling


Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

With TeleSign’s SMS APIs, we’re effectively authenticating users without impacting registration conversions and we now have accurate, reachable, and verified phone numbers for effective on-going customer communications – this is a huge advantage for us.

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Utilize Business-to-Customer Two-Way SMS Messaging To:

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