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Omnichannel Experiences

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Customers expect their interactions to be seamless and consistent across all channels. As users migrate online, it’s pivotal to move away from disjointed and siloed customer communication. The right omnichannel experience can drive higher levels of customer engagement, satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Telesign’s flexible, omnichannel solutions enable your business to establish fluidity between the offline and online world to build more impactful relationships with your customers.

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Reliable omnichannel engagement

  • Connect with flexible communications. 
  • Engage securely, easily at all touchpoints. 
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Connected at every step of the way

Not only are omnichannel experiences essential for online businesses today, but your customers expect it, which is why it should come as no surprise that nearly  80% of customers prefer the seamless experience that only omnichannel experiences can offer. Enhance your customer journey by integrating a cohesive, seamless, optimized solution to reach your customers at essential touchpoints on the channels they prefer.

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Flexible communications

From login to logout, layer digital identity into every user interaction.

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Communicate safely

Provide safe and secure text-to-speech voice communications that allow users to authenticate themselves in addition to SMS messaging.

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Global accuracy

Build flexible, interactive, personalized relationships with your customers around the globe in over 230 countries and territories.

Connect with customer via Telesign Voice


Telesign’s Voice API enables you to design A2P, P2P, and P2A calling experiences directly to provide two-way voice communication for your web or mobile application. You can also acquire and implement phone numbers across 120+ countries for a local experience. With this powerful API, you can reformat phone numbers for increased deliverability, as well as record calls.

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When it comes to reaching your customers, Telesign makes it easy. Send and receive messages across SMS, MMS, RCS, Email, WhatsApp, and Viber. Deliver alerts, reminders, notifications, facilitate two-way conversations, and communicate anonymously with your customer

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