Reduce Fake Accounts

Verify end-user identity and block spam at account registration using phone verification and intelligence-based fraud risk scoring

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82% of businesses confirm fake users are a problem

When new users are not verified at account registration, companies risk allowing bad actors into their user base. The damage caused includes user abandonment, negative brand impact, and decreased user base value. (Data from TeleSign's Fraud Report)

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Fake Accounts Are Used To:


Disseminate Scams


Commit Credit Card Fraud


Steal Confidential Information


Spam Good Users

Although verifying a phone number during our sign up process is optional, we see more than two-thirds of our new users opting-in.

Michael Pezely

Head of Trust and Safety

Invest in Creating a Secure User Ecosystem

Companies can confirm the identity of end-users by attaching a verified mobile number at account registration. Phone number intelligence can be provided to evaluate the potential risk of the end-user.

Stop Fraudsters Before They Have the Chance to do Damage

assess fraud risk

Collect a phone number at account registration and assess fraud risk

minimized pin code

Challenge or block suspicious accounts through SMS or voice-based one-time passcodes

Reduce Fake Accounts

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