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Synthetic Identity Fraud

Unmask synthetic identities

Create a trusted experience your customers can count on. Assess the risk level and verify the identity of every new account in just milliseconds to keep bad actors off your platform. Telesign’s onboarding model delivers a risk assessment score to help you block, flag, and detect synthetic identities without increasing user friction.

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Your guide to

Comprehensive fraud prevention

  • Balance security with ease of use. 
  • Stay ahead of evolving fraud. 

Synthetic identity is one of the fastest-growing types of fraud

Cheap and easy to access Personal Identifiable Information, as well as the increased frequency of data breaches, fuels the growth of synthetic identities. Without proper checks during onboarding, companies risk bad actors gaining access to their platforms, leaving businesses with significant, un-recoupable losses.

Synthetic identity fraud causes:

  • Reputational harm
  • Severe financial losses
  • Reduced customer loyalty
  • Social media scams

Uncover the real identity of your users

More than ever before, it’s become crucial for you to protect the identities, credentials and PII of your customers. With Synthetic Identity Fraud becoming a growing threat, businesses look to onboarding as the most effective place to stop fraud by ensuring your customers are who they say they are during registration.

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Ward off synthetic identities using just a phone number

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Use phone number and subscriber attributes to verify unknown users

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Access global mobile identity data such as name and address

Check for risk signals like SIM-swap, porting status, or recently compromised data.

Receive a real-time risk assessment score for every new user


"At Affirm, we have the best algorithms for evaluating financial risk, and Telesign has the best digital identity data to recognize possible fraud."

Head of Financial Partnerships

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How Telesign completes the Affirm tech stack

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