Phone Numbers for Two Way Communication

Instant access to verified, high-quality phone numbers in over 110 countries to support all your communication needs

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Send and receive SMS messages & voice calls from dedicated or shared phone numbers

Having easy access to the right type of phone numbers at the right time is critical to the success of your communication needs. With TeleSign’s Phone Numbers, you can ensure brand recognition, enable two way communication, automate customer support work flows, and even leverage localized numbers to drive increased engagement. TeleSign offers a full range of phone numbers to accelerate your ability to communicate with anyone in the world, at any time, and through multiple channels.


Easy Provisioning

Phone numbers can be purchased and provisioned instantly through the TeleSign platform

Automate Workflows

Reduce costs and improve customer experience by automating workflows that were previously manual

Create Localized Experiences

Use the same country code as your users for a localized experience

Compliance Expertise

Expert knowledge to help you understand market nuances, country regulations and communication standards globally

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We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever expanding global footprint. TeleSign delivered the scale we were looking for.

Chuck Mortimore

VP, Product Management, Identity, and Security, Salesforce

How Phone Numbers Work

Customize Your Number Search

Our Phone Numbers API allows you to search our inventory by number type, capability, country, and by specific prefixes.

Masked Numbers

Create anonymous communication sessions between two end users without disclosing their personal phone numbers.

Order Tracking

Place orders for Phone Numbers if your specific criteria is unavailable and easily track the status of that order.

Comprehensive Inventory

TeleSign offers a comprehensive inventory of phone numbers and dedicated short codes, enabling reach in over 110 countries.

Instant Access

Buy SMS and/or Voice enabled numbers whenever you need through a simple API. Obtain a list of your current Phone Numbers too.

Rigorous Vetting

Our numbers are screened and tested for quality assurance so you don’t have to.

Enable 2-Way Communication

Set up dedicated numbers to enable both outbound and inbound communications.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Send and receive SMS or voice calls from and to a familiar and consistent identifier.

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