Safe and simple onboarding

Build a sign-up flow with minimal friction and maximum security.

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Detect fraud
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Minimize friction
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Onboard globally

Onboarding without compromise

Millions of fake and fraudulent accounts are created every day, causing financial, reputational, and productivity losses. But, fighting new account fraud doesn't have to mean sacrificing conversions or customer experiences. Telesign makes it easy to create an onboarding experience that challenges risky users while fast-tracking your legitimate customers.

Detect fraud

Prevent fake users, fraudsters, and scammers from wreaking havoc on your platform.

Frictionless experience

Verify new users without making them jump through hoops.

Onboard globally

Sign-up new customers in 230+ countries and territories.

See how to build trust from the start with Telesign onboarding

Bots & Fake Users

Eliminate fake users at scale

Understand the risk of every new user. Analyze more than 2,200 digital attributes across phone, email, and IP datasets to dynamically allow, block, or flag new sign-ups in milliseconds.

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Identity Verification

Verify new identities in milliseconds

Confirm confidently. Layer real-time digital identity and behavioral risk signals into sign-up flows. Detect synthetic identities and strengthen KYC checks without increasing user friction.

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Promotion Abuse

Close promo abuse loopholes

Offer great deals without risk. Combat multiple account creation to end coupon abuse, free trial loopholes, and referral fraud. Recover revenue and lower your customer acquisition costs.

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Clear your customer onboarding process from fraud

Our easy-to-use SMS API and in-depth documentation makes it quick and easy to start messaging your customers.
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Onboard with accuracy, speed, and global reach.


Coverage in 230 countries & territories.


ML and digital identity attributes.


Establish trust in milliseconds.

Industry focus

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From new registrations, to removing fake accounts, you can reduce friction and take loyalty to the next level.

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On-demand services

From ride share, to food delivery, you can validate users for a seamless experience.

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Media and entertainment

Grow your user base and protect your platform fake users and phishing attempts.

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Financial services

Know who your customer is, verify legitimate account holders and provide a hassle- free service experience.

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Working from home is now the norm. Make sure you can authenticate remote employees.

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