Safe, simple & secure onboarding

Deliver a secure onboarding experience that builds trust without increasing user friction.​

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Minimize Risk
Onboard Anywhere
Establish Trust
Minimize Risk

Fight fake account signups

Fake users are a financial and reputation risk. Keep them off your platform without increasing friction. Simply collect a mobile number and identify legitimate users while blocking fraudulent accounts.

Onboard Anywhere

Sign up new customers as you scale

Navigate global expansion with ease. Reliable and scalable onboarding is always few clicks away. Sign up new customers in more than 200 countries and nearly 90 languages.

Establish Trust

Build an experience rooted in trust

Fraud, spam, and bots hurt the customer experience. Create an authentic experience from day one by preventing bad actors from creating new accounts.

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“TeleSign has been a fantastic partner - responsive, thoughtful, and forward-thinking. We look forward to deepening our partnership.”

John Lynch
Sr. Director, Fraud & Verification Services
Amount streamlines onboarding and verification
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Connect and protect the customer experience

Industry Focus

From new registrations, to removing fake accounts, you can reduce friction and take loyalty to the next level.
On-demand Services
From ride share, to food delivery, you can validate users for a seamless experience.
Media & Entertainment
Grow your user base and protect your platform fake users and phishing attempts.
Financial Services
Know who your customer is, verify legitimate account holders and provide a hassle- free service experience
Working from home is now the norm. Make sure you can authenticate remote employees
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✓ Streamline & secure onboarding
✓ Reach your customers on the channels they trust
✓ Safeguard your customers’ accounts
✓ Establish comprehensive fraud protection