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Transactional Email

Reach your customers inbox with transactional email

Deliver important alerts, reminders, and notifications to your users. Strengthen your messaging stack with automated, personalized email communication. Connect to Telesign’s omnichannel Messaging API and engage your customers on the channels they trust.

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Seamless integration, instant impact

Whether it’s account notifications, purchase confirmations, or password resets, our Email API ensures rapid and reliable email delivery to enrich your customer engagement.

Right place, right time

Foster customer loyalty by staying connected throughout every stage of the journey.

Drive the metrics that matter

Cultivate impactful interactions, strong brand connections, and positive experiences, while enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Start faster and scale smarter

Accelerate engagement, align with customer preferences, refine operational efficiency, and seamlessly scale with your growing customer base.

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Messaging API. 6 channels. Unlimited satisfaction.

Telesign’s Omnichannel Messaging API delivers a seamless and consistent communication experience. Customers benefit from quicker responses, personalized interactions, and easy access to information. With streamlined communication, provide instant feedback for critical interactions, with an average open rate of 50%.

Account security
Account verification
Account notifications

Seize the multi-channel advantage for your business with a single API

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Reliable delivery

Ensure timely messages reach your customers when they need them most, guaranteeing effective communication every time.

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Contact management

Manage your contacts effortlessly, enabling personalized and tailored messaging.

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Rate-limiting queueing

Maintain optimal communication frequency, preventing message overload and ensuring a positive user experience.

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Link performance

Gain insights into email link performance and engagement in real-time, enabling enhanced functionality.

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Customizable templates

Create templates to safeguard brand consistency and uniformity across all channels.

Global Stats


of consumers check their email every day.


average open rates.


more revenue generation than traditional email newsletters.

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