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The Telesign Trust Engine

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Multifactor authentication
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As the offline world goes online, the need for fast, global, and accurate Trust Engine is critical. The right digital identity solutions can help your company reduce fraud, increase efficiency, and accelerate business goals. Now more than ever, you need to quickly assess risk and establish trust with every user on your platform.

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Establish a digital trust anchor

Digital identity is complex and lacks ubiquity. This opens the door for bad actors to cause harm, undetected. Harnessing intelligence from more than 5 billion unique phone numbers, 2,200 digital identity signals, and a fraud consortium represented by some of the largest internet properties in the world, Telesign gives the world’s largest brands a trust anchor that’s rooted global reach, speed, and accuracy.

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Trust and safety

From login to logout, layer digital identity into every user interaction.

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Frictionless experience

Verify new users without making them jump through hoops.

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Global accuracy

Identify at scale with identity signals coming from more than 200 countries.

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Deliver multifactor authentication anywhere in the world with the highest reliability and completion rates. Verify your new accounts with SMS and voice one-time pass codes (OTPs) or deliver a frictionless authentication experience with Silent Verification.

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Understand the risk associated with every interaction. Receive a dynamic, risk-based assessment to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Rely on powerful machine learning that draws on 15+ years of historical data patterns that grows and adapts to your business.

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Phone ID

Validate customers' identities without adding user friction. Unlock more than 2,200 real-time digital attributes across phone number, email, and IP datasets, which produce billions of consumer data points, identity signals, and traffic patterns.

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