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Verify API 

Seven verification channels. One API.

Customize your verification experience by market need, customer preference, or business priority. Verify API delivers a better, more complete user experience—all while saving development time and resources.

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  • Prevent fraud
  • Drive conversions
  • Scale globally
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Verify with ease

As fraud rates soar and SMS costs climb, strengthen your security and control expenses. Use Verify API and shift to new, more secure authentication channels.

Future proof authentication

Connect to the channels you need and add new channels without implementing new vendors or APIs into your platform.

Safer, simpler experiences

Deliver more protection and an enhanced user experience with modern, more secure authentication capabilities.

Cost savings and predictability

Use flexible channel delivery and custom routing to build a global authentication strategy that mitigates rising SMS costs.

How it works

Verify API is a turnkey solution that unifies seven channels to make the verification experience simpler for you and your customers. Integrate once and you’re done!


If your preferred channel fails, fallback to any of the other available channels.

Seamless authentication across the customer journey

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Sign-up and onboarding

Ensure only verified users enter your digital ecosystem.

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and account protection

Protect customer accounts with an extra layer of security.

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Account updates

Safeguard critical account changes such as password resets, device changes, shipping updates, and more.

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Verify high-value transactions to prevent chargeback and credit card fraud.

Enhanced account integrity

Ubisoft partners with Telesign to keep gamers safe

Ubisoft partners with Telesign to give their users the option to verify their mobile phone number. By associating a phone number with a customer’s account, Ubisoft unlocks an array of new security, customer experience, and business benefits.

Fast and secure onboarding

Mamba fosters the right connections with Telesign

Telesign’s solutions help Mamba simplify its onboarding process, resulting in increased conversion rates and a 50% reduction in verification costs.

Reduced risk of fraud

Amount streamlines onboarding and verification using Telesign

By using Telesign, Amount seamlessly reduces the risk of fraud and lowers operational costs by automating verifications, enhancing the customer experience and driving revenue growth.

Seamless verification and identification you can count on

Omnichannel availability

Unified verification across SMS, Silent Verify, Push, Email, WhatsApp, RCS and Viber.

Custom routing

Build routing rules for tailored delivery across all channels and markets.

Multichannel fallback

Always-on failover mitigates failed delivery and downtime with global fallback protection.

Verified sender IDs

Prevent social engineering and phishing attacks with verified sender IDs.

Single API deployment

Scale to new channels and markets with minimal development resources.

Frictionless authentication

Drive conversion and eliminate user friction by instantly verifying without OTPs.

Get started with multiple channels and a few lines of code

Our easy-to-use Verify API and in-depth documentation makes it quick and easy to integrate one API with multiple verification channels into your onboarding and fraud prevention workflows.

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'authorization: Basic RkZGRkZGRkYtRUVFRS1ERERELTEy=' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
  "recipient": {
    "phone_number": "11234567890",
  "verification_policy": [
      "method": "whatsapp",
      "fallback_time": 30
      "method": "sms",
      "fallback_time": 30

Delivering Continuous Trust

  • Strong mobile network operator (MNO)

    We leverage exclusive partnerships and client relationships to deliver global reach with the largest, most diverse mobile identity datasets in the world.

  • Advanced & proven machine learning (ML)

    Stronger digital identity datasets and 15+ years of data science ensure more accurate, adaptive, and faster risk recommendations.

  • Verification expertise

    Telesign pioneered SMS verification. Our high-quality, direct-to-carrier routing and waterfall approach ensures greater delivery.


What is the Verify API?

Verify API unifies existing and new verification channels into a single API: SMS, Silent Verification, Push, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, and RCS.

Why should I use Telesign’s Verify API?

  • Ability to access all Telesign’s verification products through a single integration.
  • Access to new verification channels without any additional integration work. 
  • Ability to choose the preferred verification smart routing in each region. For instance, you may want to use a cheaper verification method in a particular country while ensuring quality in another. Using Verify API, you can select different verification methods in each region to ensure desired outcomes.
  • Failback capability that allows transactions to a secondary and even tertiary verification method if the first channel is unsuccessful. 

Does Verify API allow multichannel fallback?

Yes. If a preferred channel fails, Verify API is able to fallback to any of the other available channel.