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Telesign for on-demand applications

Deliver trust on-demand

Deliver more than groceries and rides. Give your customers peace of mind. Layer risk detection, identity verification, and omnichannel communications into your on-demand platform.

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Score reduce fake accounts


Keep fraudsters out of your platform

Onboard your users safely without a lengthy sign-up flow. Verify digital identities and assess risk in milliseconds to keep your onboarding flow as quick as possible. Send promotional offers without the risk of promotion abuse and safeguard your platform against mass fake account creation.

phone numbers enable two-way communications


Interact with your customers in real-time

Entice your customers with the latest updates, engaging notifications, and exciting promotional offers. Engage in anonymous two-way communication between two parties with ease. Streamline your support center and decrease customer resolution times to increase customer satisfaction.

PhoneID know your customer


Securely verify your users, without the friction

From log in to log out, adopt a multi-layered approach to detect and prevent suspicious accounts from entering your platform. Access ATO risk signals and instantly detect if a phone number is risky. Flag and block suspicious behavior to keep your customers and their accounts safe.