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Bots & Fake Users

X-ray vision for fake users

Create trust from the start. Seamlessly authenticate customers to prevent risky users from entering your platform. Tap into billions of Telesign’s digital interactions, mobile signals, and traffic patterns to assess the risk of every interaction and fight against fake users.

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Your guide to

Comprehensive fraud prevention

  • Balance security with ease of use. 
  • Stay ahead of evolving fraud. 

1 in 4 new accounts sign-ups are fake

When new users are not verified during onboarding, companies risk allowing bad actors onto their platform. Bots, fake users, and bad actors can cause financial and reputational losses while impacting user abandonment rates, customer lifetime value, and net-promoter scores.

Fake accounts are used to:

  • Carry-out scams
  • Commit credit card fraud
  • Abuse promotion
  • Write fake reviews
  • Steal confidential information
  • Spam good users

Filter out fake accounts from the start

Detect fake accounts without sacrificing user experience. Collect a phone number during account registration to close the loophole on bad actors using burner email addresses. With phone number reputation you can assess the risk of every new user.

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Allow, block, or flag new users in milliseconds

Analyze more than 2,200 digital attributes across mobile, email & IP datasets

Draw on 15+ years of historical data patterns and supporting analytics

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Verify new user identities using billions of consumer datapoints and identity signals


Although verifying a phone number during our sign up process is optional, we see more than two-thirds of our new users opting-in.

Michael Pezely, Head of Trust and Safety

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Telesign offers up phone verification for OfferUp

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