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TeleSign Appoints Co-Founder Disraeli as Chief Executive

“I started TeleSign along with two colleagues while in college at USC and at the time, we were part of the Curious Minds Inc. incubator (based in West Hollywood) and built it from a company of three people to a 300-person company working with the largest websites in the U.S. delivering account solutions for security and fraud prevention,” Disraeli told the Business Journal.

OkCupid denies data breach as users complain of account hacks

“Dating apps are key targets for cybercriminals, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching. With two-factor authentication and mobile-identity based APIs in place, companies like OkCupid can integrate more security measures for their users before they become victims of an attack," Guillaume Bourcy, Global Senior Director at TeleSign, told Fox News via email.

TeleSign Names Co-Founder To CEO Post

Los Angeles-based TeleSign, which develops customer identification products, including two factor authentication and other related products, has named co-founder Ryan Disraeli as its CEO, the company said on Thursday. Disraeli co-founded TeleSign with Stacy Stubblefield and Darren Berkovitz in 2005.

Past, Present & Future – Where CPaaS is Headed in 2019

"CPaaS companies will go beyond offering communications APIs. To maintain a competitive advantage, businesses will begin deploying other API-based solutions in the IoT space and more. Customers are asking for more creative integrations, which gives carriers the opportunity to expose and monetize more network and data assets. Businesses will continue the trend of moving up the value chain to offer solutions that leverage communications assets to solve complex customer problems."

Exclusive Interview: We Talk To TeleSign Co-Founder Stacy Stubblefield

"To me, it looks like the gender gap in STEM fields – especially technology – is starting to shrink. I think as tech becomes more and more mainstream, the social stigma of being a tech “geek” is disappearing. People are starting to realize that working in tech is a great opportunity, regardless of their gender."

TeleSign SMS Messaging Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

“We’re excited to have TeleSign offer businesses the ability to provide timely, personalized information to their users via SMS, enhancing the customer journey and enabling digital transformation. We’re confident these scenarios will drive tremendous value for our mutual customers,” added Sona Venkat, General Manager, Microsoft Corp.

Out Loud: Mobile Identity in CPaaS, with TeleSign

“One of the biggest trends that we saw was the use of additional intelligence the likes of phone data, because this an area that TeleSign focuses in, to enhance CPaaS solutions. We are really expecting that to continue into 2019 and beyond as more businesses understand the value of layering data on top of the communications.”

How TeleSign’s Communications Platform Enables Businesses Worldwide to Prevent Fraud and Optimize Approaches to Customer Engagement

"By employing TeleSign’s Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution for mobile verification, Salesforce was able to provide an additional layer of security based on a user’s personal computing device, which, in most cases, were mobile phones."

Equifax data breach: Steps you should take to protect yourself

Tom Powledge, Chief Product Officer at Telesign, shares steps you should take to protect yourself from data breaches--like turning on two-factor authentication.

TeleSign, a Marina del Rey start-up crucial to integrity of popular apps, purchased for $230 million

"TeleSign Corp.’s proposed acquisition marks a celebrated outcome for its three co-founders, who started the company out of USC’s Marshall School of Business in 2005..."


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