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e-Commerce and Retail

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Reduce friction and combat fraud in e-Commerce

A best practice approach to adopting the right fraud protection strategy and technology throughout the customer journey.

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Fight promo abuse and block fake accounts

Identify promotion fraud signals, save time and resources, and fast-track legitimate user onboarding by promptly understanding the risk of a phone number.

Learn more about promo abuse & detecting fake accounts

Protect against fraud

Authenticate sign-ups, safeguarding your platform from registration fraud and bulk account creation.

Analyze risk

Evaluate new account risk levels using carrier subscriber data for informed decision making.

Convert securely

Enhance onboarding security while streamlining customer acquisition, ensuring a seamless experience.

Safeguard reputation

Combat fake account creation, bots, and other bad actors that can harm your ecosystem.


Protect against account takeover

Detect suspicious behavior, improve overall account security, and reduce customer churn, all with a phone number.

Learn more about account takeover

Protect sign-ins

Secure account access, seamlessly authenticate existing users, and shield accounts from compromise.

Guard account changes

Flag suspicious behavior to keep accounts protected with end-to-end account integrity.

Challenge risky transactions

Verify high-value transactions, including credit card detail access, to challenge unusual activity.


Connect and engage safely

Build more impactful and sustainable relationships with your customers as they engage with ease on their preferred channels and devices.

Learn more about customer engagement

Stay connected

Send personalized alerts, reminders, and notifications to keep customers informed at every stage.

Communicate securely

Maintain control of your communications to deliver optimized customer service experiences.

Engage everywhere

Ensure seamless omnichannel engagement with your customers at every stage of their journey.

Scale easily

Enable and expand sustainably by eliminating repetitive tasks while maximizing your messaging strategy.

Online retailers reported


lost to fraud in 2023

Online payment fraud grew from $41B globally in 2022 to

Up arrow $48B

in 2023

4 out of 10

shoppers on a retail site are not human


of all login attempts on retail e-Commerce sites were account takeover attempts

Up arrow90%

increase in account takeover
losses since 2022

Up arrow


increase in new account fraud as of 2022


of online traffic in 2022 came from bots,


of that bot traffic went to retail sites

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