TeleSign helps eCommerce platforms remove fake accounts, fake reviews, and prevent account takeover

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Digital identity can provide a seamless onboarding and secure buying experience for your customers. At the same time, timely and relevant SMS and Voice communications get viewed instantly, keep your business top-of-mind and help build stronger relationships and loyalty with buyers. From instant order updates to discount offers and two-factor authentication messages, TeleSign's platform is changing the way e-commerce businesses engage customers and prevent fraud.

With a TeleSign data solution, we know more about our customers based on their phone number. We have more sophisticated tools to prevent abuse of our promotions and, from a customer acquisition standpoint, our efforts save money for the company.

Drew Tennenbaum
Head of Engineering

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Streamline Account Registration
Utilize phone intelligence to simplify the onboarding process for legitimate users while identifying and blocking risky users before they can do harm
Reduce Fake Accounts
Verify end-user identity and block spam at account registration using phone verification and intelligence-based fraud risk scoring
Prevent Account Takeover
Prevent end-user account compromise and unauthorized access with two-factor authentication & customer identity data
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