Programmable Voice API for A2P, P2A and P2P

Build application-to-person, person-to-application and person-to-person voice calling into web and mobile applications.

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Deliver the highest-quality call experiences through the one platform offering optimal pricing over the best network in the world

Design the best possible call experiences with programmable voice capabilities, including phone number masking, automated voice notifications, reminders, and one-time passcodes. Easily lease phone numbers (Caller IDs), and even build IVR (Interactive Voice Response) flows that allow callers to enter dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) key prompts for easy call routing (no telephony skills required). With TeleSign’s Voice solution, send and receive calls directly on the best private voice network (BICS) available at the highest quality (120+ optimized points of presence worldwide) with unmatched global pricing.


Reach & Engage More Users

Strengthen customer relationships and even reach landline phones and users who cannot or do not wish to receive SMS messages.

Save On Voice Costs

Direct access to BICS network allows us to offer the best pricing for our customers. We pass savings directly to you.

Get The Highest Voice Quality

Utilize the best private voice network (120+ PoP across the globe) with over 700+ direct-to-carrier routes. Run on the best voice network directly, not through a third party and a lower performance voice network.

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Automated voice traffic monitoring helps protect your business from IRSF attacks

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A hassle-free service experience is one of our top goals at Patelco. By adding Voice Verify we are now able to deliver OTP security tokens to all members regardless of phone type or data connectivity issues, which has increased member satisfaction and online banking adoption.

Nilendu Saha, Director,

Software Engineering And Enterprise Architect, Patelco

How Voice Works

Make, Receive And Control Calls

Programmatically control, make, receive, manage and route calls around the world – available in over 230 countries & territories.

Collect Digits (DTMF Tones)

The ability to collect a series of DTMF digits during a phone call, prompting user to take action and immediately request returns. When the gather finishes, an event with the results will be posted to the callback URL.

Connect Two Parties

Design person-to-person calling experiences directly from an application to provide a two-way voice communications channel.

Deliver Secure, Voice-Based One-Time Passcodes (OTPs)

Verify users and transactions in real-time, anywhere in the world using out-of-band voice messaging.

Lease Phone Numbers & Set Caller ID

Easily buy and use phone numbers across many countries (120+) to receive inbound calls and to establish end-user recognizable Caller IDs for outbound calls.

Stream Audio

Play your own audio files during an active phone call for voice greetings, call scripts, notifications, branding messages and more and utilize Amazon Polly for text-to-speech through lifelike voices in a variety of languages.

Text-To-Speech With Broad Language Support

Convert text into a voice-based message using text-to-speech (TTS). Provide a localized customer experience with TTS available in 26 languages & dialects (more than any competitive offering).

Advanced Phone Number Cleansing

Properly formats phone number entered by end-user to ensure greater global delivery.

Traffic Monitoring

Automated traffic monitoring for red flags and suspicious patterns, which helps protect businesses from International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) attacks.

Call Recording

Record voice calls with the ability to pause/resume as needed. Use this feature for call quality control, sentiment analysis, transcription, and more

Build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Flows

Build easy-to-manage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flows with DTMF key prompts to send callers through pre-selected call flows to reduce support costs, call transfers, and agent handling times (by approx. 60-80%).

Anonymize Phone Calls

Utilize phone number masking to connect two parties without disclosing user identities to maintain privacy and keep transactions “on-platform.”

Survey After Call

Automatically send surveys after calls to collect feedback from customers.

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