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Minimize fraudulent transactions

Utilize data intelligence and two-factor authentication to verify transactions and distinguish good users from bad.

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Online eCommerce fraudulent transactions expected to hit $16.6 billion by 2020

As more consumers are turning to the Internet to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping, banking, on-demand services, and recreational activities, online and mobile app companies need to take action now to protect their business and their valuable buyers.

Transaction Fraud Types Include:

Credit card chargebacks

Man-in-the-middle or Man-in-the-browser Attacks

Shipping & Payment Fraud

Account takeover

Establish Identity Assurance

Phone verification using number intelligence to develop a fraud risk score at account registration helps block fake accounts by identifying good users from potentially harmful ones. With 2FA enabled, notifications can be triggered to approve, challenge, or deny transaction activity.

  • Phone verification
  • Fraud risk scoring
  • PIN code challenges
  • Push notifications