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Phone number intelligence API

It is critical today to evaluate fraud risk throughout the entire customer journey. Telesign Intelligence makes it easy to understand the risk and the reason behind it with tailored scoring models and comprehensive reason codes.

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  • Protect brand reputation
  • Identify potential fraud
  • Grow user base responsibly

End the tradeoff between fraud and growth

Fraudulent online accounts can be created at an alarming rate, resulting in spam, phishing, promotion abuse, and other costly attacks. Make smarter decisions about user risk with tailored risk scores and intuitive reason codes powered by our proprietary global data consortium.

Global reach

Reach more customers with 120+ optimized points-of-presence and 700+ direct-to-carrier routes to efficiently scale your business.

Lightning-fast decision making

Speed counts. Dynamically assess risk and establish trust in milliseconds.

More data, greater accuracy

Make smart decisions based on billions of consumer data points, identity signals, and traffic patterns.

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Reduce fake accounts

​More effective than captchas or usernames and passwords, using metadata for risk scoring is the gold-standard for intelligence. Deploy quality control methods as part of your fraud prevention strategy to protect your brand image and prevent churn.

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Detect fraudulent behavior

Mitigate fraud and detect fake users. Get real-time risk scores and actionable insights to identify potential fraud before it happens. Make data-driven decisions to better understand the risk of every interaction across your platform.

Analyze digital identity signals

Tap into digital global identity signals with an adaptive machine learning model that assesses a user's risk level in real-time.

Intelligence’s machine learning in action

Real-time risk scores empower you to block potential fraud before it happens – all with just a phone number. Telesign’s Intelligence delivers a numerical risk assessment, comprehensive reason codes, and intelligent recommendations. Determine risk thresholds based on your business needs and easily integrate the risk model into your existing security and fraud prevention workflows.

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IRSF detection

Detect and minimize financial losses from International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). Telesign’s risk assessment model layers into your verification work flows and blocks messages to fraudulent numbers and spam.

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Traffic pattern recognition

Analyze traffic for anomalous patterns and usage velocity used to identify suspicious activity.

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Machine learning

Proprietary and customizable machine learning model that uncovers hidden insights to predict fraud and risk.

Streamline account registration

Responding to spam or fraud committed by unverified users can cost the average organization over $4M annually. Telesign's threat intelligence, verification, and phone number reputation scoring APIs securely register new users without friction to limit churn and improve conversion.

Customized and explainable machine learning

Train and explain. Telesign's explainable AI and machine learning delivers faster learning, testing, and optimization for reliable, actionable, and easy-to-understand reason code.

Increase accuracy

Accurately identify potential fraud and bad actors during the registration process before they access your platform. Telesign Intelligence API adds an invisible level of risk assessment, so you don't have to sacrifice conversions and growth for security.