Number masking with Telesign

Protect employee and customer anonymity and security while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Number Masking enables direct two-way communications between you and your customer without sharing personal phone numbers or sensitive data.

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Detect and minimize abuse
Improve customer relationships
Protect user identities

Trusted communications

Send and receive calls and text messages without exposing personal phone numbers with temporary local numbers (available in 110+ countries) in time limited sessions. Phone Number Masking builds trust by protecting the privacy of your customers and employees without sacrificing personalized experiences.

Unmatched global coverage

Reach more customers with 120+ optimized points-of-presence and 700+ direct-to-carrier routes​.

Exceptional reliability

Optimal performance with higher successful delivery rates than any leading competitor.

5-star customer service

Premium customer support to strengthen communication, reduce costs, and ensure seamless customer interaction.

Private and protected experiences

Protect both your customers and employees with temporary virtual phone numbers for secure communications through anonymous connections. Number masking is a privacy-first solution, so your agents and customers can have peace of mind and become more willing to engage.

Secure communications

Maintain control of when and how your drivers, agents, and service professionals connect with third parties. Improve customer experience by tracking and analyzing exchanges and quickly detecting abuse.

Streamline operations

Remove the manual step of connecting your agents and third parties with a live operator. Direct routing through partner networks ensures your SMS or voice message is delivered, fast and reliably.

Number masking in action

Number Masking enables you to create authentic personalized experiences for your customers without sacrificing privacy and security. Telesign makes it easy to connect your customers, agents, and third parties anywhere in the world with time-bound sessions and local numbers in 110+ countries.

Anonymous sessions

Create unlimited two-party anonymous sessions for private, frictionless communications.


Geo-match phone numbers to masked numbers to increase communication engagement.


Choose the right channels for your interactions including SMS only, Voice only, or SMS and Voice sessions.

Session management

Manage sessions yourself with Telesign’s SMS and voice APIs, or allow Telesign to manage the sessions for you.

Manage communications

Time limit your connections by setting a session expiration timer and easily manage expired session calls and messages.

Compliance and onboarding support

We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading customer support that helps you get up and running as quickly as possible and stays with you every step of the way.

On-demand communications

Protect your delivery couriers, ride-hailing drivers, and field service agents without sacrificing personal communications. Connect two parties instantly and safely with temporary anonymous numbers to facilitate time-sensitive communications in real-time.

Better customer relationships

Enable both parties to send and receive messages or voice calls without disclosing personal contact information. Build trust and safeguard user information while preventing off-platform interactions to ensure compliance and protect your business.

Make safe social connections

Safely connect users on your social networking or dating platform by protecting their personal phone numbers. Prevent unwanted communications and keep both parties’ privacy secure.