Number Masking with TeleSign

Create and manage private conversation sessions between two parties to enable time-sensitive secure communications.

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Quickly enable private, secure communications between two users into business workflows

TeleSign Number Masking is a free service*, using cloud communications APIs, that enable the ability for two parties to communicate with each other for a short period of time over Voice and SMS without exposing their actual phone numbers. This enables the two parties to accomplish the task at hand without unnecessarily exposing any private information. *The Number Masking Service is free when used with TeleSign’s SMS and/or Voice APIs. Our Voice network is backed by BICS, that has more than 700 direct connections to mobile and fixed network operators with 140+ access Points-of-Presence worldwide.


Protect Users’ Identity

Customers are more comfortable to engage if their identities are protected

Real-Time Information

Track SMS and Voice content and history in real-time

Global Coverage

TeleSign supports direct connections to 700+ mobile and fixed network operators worldwide

Detect And Minimize Abuse

Improve customer satisfaction by analyzing content of messages exchanged, detecting abuse, and minimizing it

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"Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application. The users that signed up for The Sims Mobile were more engaged, had stronger retention rates, and higher monetization rates. The technical implementation was straightforward and easy for our team and the business ROI was very strong."

Rob Bauman

EA Director, Partner Engagement & Operations

How Number Masking Works

Anonymous Sessions

Create unlimited anonymous sessions between two parties that allow them to communicate without revealing private information.


Geo-match phone numbers to masked numbers to increase chances of communication.


Enable SMS only, Voice only, or SMS and Voice sessions

Managing Sessions

Choose from the two available options: A) Allow TeleSign to manage the sessions completely. B) Manage the sessions yourself and build anonymous communications using TeleSign’s SMS and Voice APIs.

Manage Communications

Set a session expiration timer and manage calls/SMS of expired sessions.

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