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Prevent account takeover fraud in seconds using phone intelligence

Prevent account takeover fraud in seconds using phone intelligence


Cybercrime isn’t showing signs of slowing down.  


One area of concern is account takeover (ATO), a type of identity theft where fraudsters gain unauthorized access to an account to make withdrawals, steal sensitive data, access company accounts, and more. 


According to the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report, ATO attacks are poised to overtake malware as the number one security concern. Although both individuals and companies are affected, businesses can be held liable when customers dispute fraudulent transactions. The best way to address this is to protect and educate your customers.  


Join us to understand how to: 


  • Quickly identify and respond to common fraud signals.
  • Create effective login verification that challenges or blocks suspicious accounts.
  • Leverage ethical machine learning to automate the analysis of logins or account changes.
  • Increase awareness for both your customers and internal team to spot and prevent new risks.


With the right security measures in place, you can keep you and your users safe while building trust, loyalty, and revenue. Join us to learn how.  

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