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New tactics to combat identity fraud when onboarding clients (French)

New tactics to combat identity fraud when onboarding clients (French)


According to, 56% of Europeans have experienced at least one type of fraud in the last two years. One-third of them became victims of identity theft, making it the second most -common type of fraud in Europe.


Businesses are also under attack. According to PwC’s 2022 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 51% of organizations experienced fraud in the past two years—the highest level they’ve seen in 20 years.


For businesses, identity theft often occurs during the onboarding process, where 1 in 4 new accounts opened is fake. Fraudsters use these fake accounts to cause hundreds of thousands of euros in losses. What can companies do about this?


During our conversation with Olivier Meunier and Olivier Morel we’ll learn how about:


  • The techniques used by fraudsters to access your platform.
  • How you can secure your onboarding by knowing when to apply friction.
  • How phone number intelligence can help mitigate fake user creation at scale.


We hope you’ll join us for this informative session!


Disclaimer: Before downloading, keep in mind the webinar video is in French.

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