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Strengthening your company’s brand through digital trust 

Strengthening your company’s brand through digital trust

Companies that engage with consumers online must protect their users’ digital footprints by keeping their identities, accounts, and data secure. Failure to do so may negatively impact brand perception, which can spread quickly online and become permanent.

In this recorded session from ISACA’s 2023 Digital Trust Virtual Summit, Kristi Melani, CMO at Telesign and Seth Gilpin, Director of Product Marketing at Telesign, discuss the strategies and technologies used by the most trusted companies and how securing digital identity creates brand confidence and trust.

Viewers will walk away with enhanced understanding of modern trends in digital fraud and security best practices for prevention:

  • The leading strategies and technologies to create environments that instill confidence and the best practices for maintaining digital trust.
  • Results from a first-of-its-kind study on the financial and psychological repercussions digital fraud has on victims and brands.
  • Consumer perceptions on fraud, their expectations, and what it means for the brands they engage.
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