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Join us for a panel discussion on the concept of trust and the impact it has on businesses:

  • What “putting trust first” means and how to do it
  • How fraud impacts trust and ways to counter it
  • How fraudsters are using generative AI — and how to use AI to fight back
  • How to align stakeholders on trust-building efforts and investments

Building customer trust in 2024 and beyond 

Are you ready to embrace a future built on trust?

We have entered a new era in which customer trust has become the foundation for long-term profitability. As new fraud threats evolve, businesses must pursue strategies that protect their customers to cultivate trust.

We will examine why digital trust is a business imperative, how to position your business for long-term success, and how new technologies make it easier to protect your customers, thereby gaining their trust. Between the panel discussion and a live Q&A session, you’ll be equipped with key insights you can use to persuade people inside your organization to invest in trust.


Grace Trinidad

IDC Research Director, Future of Trust

Kristi Melani 

Telesign Chief Marketing Officer & GTM Strategy

Surash Patel

Telesign VP, Sales EMEA