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Join us for a fireside chat to discuss strategies to enhance secure customer onboarding, including:

  • Employing proactive steps to mitigate the risk of fraud throughout the user lifecycle.
  • Using phone number intelligence to verify accounts, detect suspicious activities, and enhance security.
  • Streamlining onboarding by using phone number intelligence to facilitate faster, more secure experiences
  • Expediting the onboarding process and maintaining robust security to protect against fraud and identity theft.

Secure customer onboarding: Combat fraud throughout the customer journey with phone number intelligence for speed and safety. 

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the authenticity of customers during onboarding is paramount for businesses. We’ll explore how leveraging phone number intelligence can enhance security measures while expediting the onboarding process. From identifying fraudulent activities to verifying user identities, we’ll provide practical insights and strategies to streamline onboarding workflows and safeguard against potential threats.


Join Michaela Kastelman, Telesign Product Marketing Manager and Amie Dsouza, Senior Project Manager Cyber Security, Identity and Access Management Southwest Airlines to explore more on this topic.


Michaela Kastelman

Telesign Product Marketing Manager