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Essential steps to prevent fraud and identity theft

Empowering organizations with effective strategies and practices to combat fraud and identity theft 


In today’s digital landscape, personal data faces an onslaught of attacks from cybercriminals armed with sophisticated AI tools and deepfake technology.  


To combat this rising tide, organizations must adopt a comprehensive, multi-layered fraud prevention approach. Join our VB Spotlight to discover how you can outsmart cybercriminals, understand the latest threats and capabilities, and learn proactive measures to secure your accounts effectively.  


Uncover the right combination of solutions, the importance of technology in conjunction with human vigilance, and essential insights for a robust fraud prevention program. 


Discover the key takeaways: 

  • Latest identity theft, data breach, and account takeover schemes 
  • Mobile identity as a defense against fraud 
  • Advanced security protocols and strategies 
  • Importance of education and awareness programs 
  • And more! 





Joni Brennan
President at Digital ID & Authentication
Council of Canada – DIACC

Juan Rivera
Senior Solutions Engineering 

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