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25:41 minutes

Managing fraud detection: What your consumers really want from their onboarding and brand experience

If a consumer has a pleasant experience on your site, it reflects positively on your brand. However, if they’re unsatisfied, whether at the initial signup or before they check-out, they may leave and look for alternatives.

You want to keep consumers happy, but you can’t relax fraud prevention or you could be signing up scammers, enabling thieves to steal from you.

By anticipating and resolving consumer pain points as seamlessly as possible, you can ensure high levels of acceptance and customer satisfaction, building brand trust without compromising security.

In this webinar we will examine recent research by Telesign that identifies real consumer concerns and how to address them.

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure the entire consumer journey remains frictionless
  • Implement invisible fraud prevention measures
  • Build and retain consumer trust in your brand
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