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Join Surash Patel, VP EMEA at Telesign, and Michael Becker from MEF and Identity Praxis, as they discuss how to keep your brand and customers safe from fraud. Topics include: 


  • The escalating nature of digital threats 
  • Changing consumer perceptions around fraud 
  • Tools brands can use to tackle fraud with minimal disruption to the consumer experience 
  • How much data brands really need for secure fraud protection 
  • How brands can empower their consumers to be more in control of their data 

Protect your users or risk losing them: why brands must act now on fraud prevention

According to Telesign’s 2023 Trust Index report, while consumers perceive fraud as an immediate threat, only 55% are actively implementing measures to safeguard themselves.


A key reason for this is because 94% of consumers believe it is the brand’s responsibility to protect them from fraud. And when brands fail to do so, they face the consequences: 43% of data breach victims stop associating with the brand, 44% tell friends and family not to associate with the brand, and 30% share the incident on social media.