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All about SMS broadcast services 

The Short Message Service, or SMS, remains one of the fundamental methods of communication worldwide. Individuals aren’t the only ones who rely on this service, with billions of text messages sent daily. Businesses also reap numerous benefits from SMS communications.  Among these advantages are individually targeted messages, such as those sent by a doctor’s office

What is SMS Short Code

Specific operators generally use short code numbers–and in some countries, multiple operators can even use the same codes. They have several use cases beneficial to small or large businesses. Today, we provide a clearer understanding of how short codes potentially suit your needs. Detailed review of short codes Before we get into how to use

How to stop spam SMS

Receiving a spam SMS can have several meanings, from a simple annoyance to a dangerous attempt at stealing personal information. These texts have become so widespread that it’s difficult to find people using mobile phones who haven’t received at least one. Knowing how to identify spam texts is crucial for your safety in the current

Number Masking for an Anonymous Communication Experience

Most businesses understand the value of securely and privately engaging with their customers. One of the most popular ways to leverage enterprise Voice and SMS continues to be anonymous communication for on-demand/sharing economies. Voice and SMS anonymization allow two parties to communicate for a short period without exposing their actual identities/phone numbers. Telesign Number Masking

Send SMS Messages Powered By Telesign Directly from Microsoft Flow

Telesign’s SMS API services are now available as a Microsoft Flow Connector. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services without the need for developer help. This allows the user’s favorite apps to talk to each other and automate tasks, like sending an

Talabat Places an Order for Fraud Protection with Telesign

Talabat is an online food delivery service that operates in the Middle East. They deliver a wide range of cuisines for their customers that are looking for a convenient meal. Talabat had a problem Talabat faced a two-prong issue with regards to their users. First, they needed to reduce fraudulent accounts, but in doing so

Connect Your Users, Privately, With Phone-Number-Masked SMS

Your business depends on the successful exchanges that take place between two end-users of your platform. A seller and a buyer. A driver and a rider. A delivery person and an order recipient. A vacation home owner and the lucky person who gets to go on vacation. The world around us has changed in terms

How to Use SMS to Increase Visitors to Your Website

In the past few years, mobile marketing has gone from an afterthought to the primary focus of many digital marketing campaigns. When done correctly, SMS is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy, and for good reason. Over 97% of text messages are opened, and with such a high view rate, you can almost