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Connect Your Users, Privately, With Phone-Number-Masked SMS

March 30, 2018

Telesign Team
Anonymous SMS or Number Masking

Your business depends on the successful exchanges that take place between two end-users of your platform. A seller and a buyer. A driver and a rider. A delivery person and an order recipient. A vacation home owner and the lucky person who gets to go on vacation. The world around us has changed in terms of our need to connect with complete strangers in order to get goods and services, but our desire for privacy in these communications has not. The buyer doesn’t want the seller to have their phone number. No one wants their pizza delivery guy to call them the next day to say “hi.” You don’t want two of your users to decide to take their transaction—and the revenue from it—offline.So, how do you enable your users to easily communicate with one another through SMS messaging, without providing each with the other’s personal phone number? It’s simple: you mask it.


Phone number masking is a technique that helps keep personal phone numbers private, resulting in anonymous communications. The functionality has become an essential business requirement for applications where limited-duration conversations take place every day. Our Anonymous SMS API delivers this service, enabling out customers to host private SMS communications with their users. When utilized, an anonymous phone number is assigned to each user, allowing them to communicate during a defined validity period (up to a maximum of 30 days, as specified by the business).  After the validity period has expired, the numbers are recycled and reassigned to other users on the platform.Unlike most other competitive offerings, our Anonymous SMS solution removes the hassle of buying and provisioning virtual numbers/dedicated Sender IDs to make this functionality happen. Instead, customers have access to a pool of Telesign shared Sender IDs (available in specific countries). There is no need for additional fees and set up time.


With our new API, all you need to do is send us the two end-user phone numbers and we instantly create a private communication session (bridge) where you specify the validity period (number of hours/days) to exchange SMS messages. The Telesign network then spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes–with providers worldwide–to ensure the highest availability and delivery rates of the SMS messages sent. This new service also offers the most global coverage, reaching 87 countries and territories* (with a mix of shared Sender IDs and Dedicated Sender IDs).Deliver a secure and seamless customer experience for your users – let two parties engage in a conversation over SMS text messaging without exposing phone numbers.  To learn more, talk to a Telesign sales representative today!