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Connect Your Users, Privately, With Phone-Number-Masked SMS

Your business depends on the successful exchanges that take place between two end-users of your platform. A seller and a buyer. A driver and a rider. A delivery person and an order recipient. A vacation home owner and the lucky person who gets to go on vacation. The world around us has changed in terms

Sending an SMS or Voice Message With Node.js

I’m pleased to announce the initial release of a Node.js SDK wrapper for Telesign’s APIs. In the last few years, the growth of JavaScript has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Many new products and tools on the bleeding edge of innovation have been created using JavaScript. As such, we’re excited to see how developers end up using

Taking on the $8B Communications Platform as a Service Market

Today is a big day in the history of Telesign. Today we open our premium global network, proprietary data intelligence and innovative communications and security APIs, enjoyed by 20 of the 25 largest brands in the world, to a wider developer audience for the first time via a new self-service portal at Today is

SMS Verification: It Has to Work

Our clients are Global Enterprises who have users in “all four corners” of the world. Deliverability and network reachability of our partners are crucial – We need to reach all end users who need a PIN Code to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. Today, we have coverage to 800+ networks in more than 200 countries.

Launching Telesign Mobile

In the beginning, Telesign was purpose built to serve the world’s largest and most visible online web properties. We developed Telesign to deliver high quality, innovative security products that help our clients prevent fraud and protect their users. We’ve brought that same level of commitment and enthusiasm to the creation of Telesign Mobile, our Mobile

Enable two-factor authentication on popular sites

I’ll start with a big thank you to C|Net author Dennis O’Reilly for putting together this list. The advice is clear, to protect our accounts and our identity we must turn on two-factor authentication for every account that requires a password. Take O’Reilly’s advice and turn on 2FA for all the accounts he references and

Happy Birthday and “Merry Christmas” SMS

The first ever SMS, wishing a friend, “Merry Christmas” was sent on December 3, 1992. That was 20 years ago, which is 100 in technology years. I think my first SMS was, “Did you get this?” A friend and I discovered SMS one afternoon and sent several SMSes while sitting next to each other until

Phone Verification: A Critical Fraud Prevention Tool

Telesign Phone Verification is fast becoming a critical piece of fraud prevention strategies and increasingly helping organizations automate the manual review process.  Interestingly, based on CyberSource’s recent 2012 Online Fraud Report, it was estimated that $3.4 Billion were lost to online fraud in 2011 alone and merchants were rejecting an average of 2.8% of their

Telesign Introduces REST APIs

One of the things Telesign is working on in Q1 is making our APIs available via a REST interface. Today all of our customers access our APIs via SOAP and we’ve definitely heard that folks want us to provide our APIs in an alternative form since almost all Web Services today use REST. When developing