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Mobile App User Verification Made Even Easier

August 17, 2018

Telesign Team
App Verify Product

As the mobile industry continues to grow, with an estimated 4.68 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2019 (Statista), being able to securely verify mobile users has become one of the most important steps to blocking all types of fraud. In fact, according to a new RSA Security report, “the fraudulent activity carried out via mobile browsers and applications made up 71% of overall fraud transactions,” in the second quarter of 2018.  So how can businesses verify users and block fraud, without incurring significant operational costs or causing too much friction for good users?Enter Telesign.

A Better User Experience

Designed to protect and streamline the account registration process while providing a more reliable and cost-effective method than SMS-based verification alone, our App Verify solution (available as an API or SDK for Android verifications) takes advantage of the global ubiquity of mobile devices and empowers businesses to automatically verify new users. Users simply enter their phone number when signing up on a mobile app, and they are seamlessly verified using a proprietary signaling method that pings the user’s phone in the background automatically.Whether verifying a first-time user or high value transactions, App Verify’s seamless, secure experience helps keep bad actors out without adding friction for good users. Thanks to fewer steps and limited user interaction, not only is the experience stronger, it also helps improve app registration completion rates and gets users into your app quicker.Additionally, the process is cheaper than SMS one-time passcode verifications in most countries, on average about 40 percent less. Apply this cost savings to your Android user base and the dollars add up nicely.

New Sample App, New Security for iOS Registrations

To complement our App Verify solution for Android users, we have now launched a new iOS mobile app verification sample app that allows customers to copy and paste pre-built code to send clickable SMS applinks that when opened, automatically deliver one-time passcodes (OTPs) to the mobile app to complete the verification process, with minimal user interaction.  This solution uses Telesign’s SMS API.

Block Fraud Without Sacrificing Growth (And Save Money!)

Security pros and growth managers have long butted heads over balancing security and ease of use in their registration process. With Telesign’s solutions, those debates are a thing of the past. Even as mobile fraud grows, with 80 percent of fraud among e-commerce transactions originating from a new device (RSA Security Report), automatic phone verifications enable businesses to confidently experience smooth and secure user growth. Plus, our combined solutions even reduce verification costs.To learn more about how Telesign can help your business block fraud while improving the user registration process, contact our specialists today.

And to learn more about how our new iOS Mobile App Verification Sample App works, check out our documentation here: