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Launching Telesign Mobile

February 11, 2013

Telesign Team

In the beginning, Telesign was purpose built to serve the world’s largest and most visible online web properties. We developed Telesign to deliver high quality, innovative security products that help our clients prevent fraud and protect their users. We’ve brought that same level of commitment and enthusiasm to the creation of Telesign Mobile, our Mobile Services division.

One of the incredible things about Telesign is the caliber of clients that use our services and have a hand in influencing our product direction. We have a seat at the table with the top decision makers at some of the largest, most recognizable companies in the world. We knew the next step in serving our global clients was to enhance our direct connections to mobile operators globally. With the acquisition of Routo Telecommunications and the creation of Telesign Mobile, we have accomplished this goal.

Telesign Mobile helps companies communicate with their users via dependable mobile messaging with a truly global reach. We provide a single point of contact to make the experience simple and easy to use. Additionally, Telesign Mobile’s network access and direct connection to global operators, enhances Telesign’s current security and mission-critical authentication solutions.

All of these efforts combine to provide effective fraud-prevention and messaging services for companies all over the world.

The business thesis we built around security, mobility, data, and cloud services, has become a reality and the market acceptance has been beyond our expectations. Our unique offerings have been validated by the analyst community and our global strategic clients who continue to subscribe to additional intelligence products.

We are very excited to announce Telesign Mobile, the Mobile Services division of Telesign.